Monday, 7 December 2015

My Monthly Favourites: November

Well November was the calm before the storm. The chill before the manic. The lovely month before I lose my tiny mind with numerous birthdays as well as Christmas and my wedding anniversary. So here I chat about some of the best things we got sent or things we have done in the past month. Including some pirate fun, clothes for my kiddos and MY FRIEND WROTE AN ACTUAL BOOK. I know. It's a bit clever isn't it...

Little Cotton Style
I often envy my son's clothes. Whilst I dressed my daughter in (with hindsight) very uncomfortable dresses and skirts. My son? Is permanently dressed in the worlds comfiest outfits which is why the range at Little Cotton Style is perfect for him. In the shot above he is modelling the black pants that you can buy online. Also there was a lovely tube scarf and a beanie hat that was sent along with them (but he was being a terrible two and refusing to wear them). At really reasonable prices, and perfect for tots to run around in,  Little Cotton Style is a brand that you should check out if you're looking for staple basics for your little ones.

Barbie At Mango
My daughter loves Barbie and we have reviewed the dolls on the blog a few times before. So when I heard that there was a new Barbie range at Mango I knew that my girl would really love it. We got to choose something and I opted for this lovely jersey style top as it was winter and I knew she would get a lot of wear out of it. You can't quite see (as there is a guinea pig in the way) but the jumper is a bit cropped so looks really great over the top of a T-shirt. The Barbie range starts from £12.99 and is available in all Mango stores across Europe.

How To Have A Baby And Not Lose Your Sh*t
One of the most best things about starting blogging is that I get to hang out with a load of cool women. And Kirsty Smith? Is one of the coolest. Not only does she have some AMAZING stories for her her former life as a TV producer she also writes blogs posts over at Eeh Bah Mum that make me laugh out loud and ring my Mum to also make her giggle. She has recently published a book called How To Have A Baby And Not Lose Your Sh*t. Perfect to shove in your baby bag for those boring moments when you have nothing to do but watch a sleeping baby, the book is an extension of her blog and is aimed to chat about the more 'real' side of parenting. Which as you know is what I love! It would make a fab stocking filler for a new Mum or Mum to be. It could even be something to hand over when your hear your bestie is pregnant for the first time (and smirk a bit whilst doing so). 

Treasure Island The Old Rep
My kids LOVE going to the theatre. They have gone from a young age (let's not mention the ill fated weeing on lap incident when my girl was 2 at Peppa Pig) so this weekend I was super pleased that they were invited to go and watch Treasure Island at The Old Rep. As I already had plans for my birthday (oh la laa) my husband took them along with their Nanny Jo. When I got back in? Both children were wielding glow up swords and were howling with laughter about some trump jokes.

Despite the show running for nearly two hours, both of my two sat still and loved the whole thing. And with a four year old and a two year old? That's not bad going! My husband said that the show was great and my Mother in Law really loved the songs. If you are interested in taking the kids for an alternative to the run of the mill panto then check out Treasure Island at The Old Rep.

For those that don't know I'm vlogging throughout December!
Here is a mini beauty haul you may enjoy...

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