Why You Should Treat Your Teacher This Christmas

OK. So there is a school of thought that suggests you shouldn't really bother buying your children's teacher a present at Christmas. Or if you do you reluctantly grumble "but they ruddy get all those holidays!". You may hastily wrap it up with a frown on your face and a tut on the end of your tongue. But me? I think that Christmas is the BEST time of year to treat your child's main carer when you're not around.

I may be biased as I have been a teacher in a secondary school for over a decade now. And hell yeah I love presents (I'm not insane) but I am here to tell you that when you get a present from a child, no matter how crap, it really means a lot to us. To you we may be the person that teaches them the odd thing here or there, moans a bit about letters not being handed in on time and occasionally nods "hello" to you in the playground. But to your kids? We are the ones that watch out for them from the moment they reluctantly step through the door, to the moment they run out screaming with glee.

And it can be hard. Yeah there are the holidays (which rock) but there is also the marking, the reports, the paperwork. I'm not really here to talk about that. There are posts out there by people far cleverer that me on those topics. I'm here to talk about the lovely stuff. The parties I throw at the end of each term for my BTEC pupils. The panto we take part in, involving rehearsals after school and outfits we lovingly make. Learning dance routines and dressing up as elves. Which is not a great look in front of giant 16 year old boys.

The times when your little, and not so little, ones are sad and we offer them a shoulder to cry on. Or when we stay that extra hour to make sure that they get the grade they want. Saturdays spent on the sideline of local football matches or long discussions with them about all sorts of topics you may not want to tackle (imagine the awkward questions you would get if we didn't do sex ed?). 

The tough thing is is that kids don't really ever say thank-you. It's not because they are rude or mean. It's because they are kids. They are the centre of their own world. Their heads are filled with "what's for lunch?" "when is it break time?" and "is it home time yet?". So it comes to us parents to say "thank you" for them.  To get them to make a card. Or maybe pop out and buy a 'Best Teacher' mug. I once got a bottle of cherry Lambrini and it made me SO happy. It made all the late nights, reports and marking worth it.

So whilst buying your child's teacher a token gift is just another one to think about. Another thing to worry about in the never ending cycle of things on our to do list. Please take a moment and whilst you are wrapping them up think about all the hours we are there for your children, how we love them so very much and despite it being a tough job. It's our specially chosen career and your thanks means the world to us.

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