Monday, 18 January 2016

A Challenge I Knew I Could Win!

I am useless at challenges. I lack the killer instinct. I lack the sticking power and I lack the concentration. If you are planning a charity football match? I'm not your girl. But when Aldi said they would send me £70 to complete their January shopping challenge? I thought "this is a challenge that I can take part in!". It involves shopping. It involves food. Everyone is a winner.

We shop at a variety of different stores and have shopped at our local Aldi quite a few times. But over Christmas you tend to go to the bigger supermarkets as you can do your present shopping at the same time so we don't appear to have done a proper food only shop for a while. As part of their #AldiChallenge they also set us the task of picking up some healthy bits and bobs as you know it's a New Year and we should be healthy and all that.

For the whole family I picked up a variety of meals including the family favourite Mexican, jacket potatoes and all the stuff needed to make my husbands packed lunches for the week. I've also started making a large chilli on a Sunday that takes us over a few days so I got the ingredients for that. Choosing the lean beef mince packs over the normal beef mince. Drink wise I opted for some diet soft drinks whilst my husband didn't quite get the brief and chose Coronita Extra. "But I got some limes too!" he exclaimed.

The children tend to eat healthy and one of my favourite things about Aldi is that they have the best fruit and vegetable selection going. We picked up everything from apples, to bananas to a really lovely triple berry kit. Treat wise my two love squidgy yoghurts which are great on the go, raisins and there were some fab small bags of Frozen and Stars Wars popcorn that I am not going to sneak into the cinema with us tomorrow (I am).

As you can see our fridge is jam packed with everything we got and I think we shall manage to have a healthy eating kinda week. Aldi believe that the average family can fill a trolley full for £70 and that works out just right. We spent around £80 but that was because I had to buy all new spices and herbs as we had ran out. For the same amount in other supermarkets I think you would be looking at well over £100 so we were really pleased with what we have saved. Now it's time to go and make some lovely healthy dinner and look at my husband with disappointed eyes when he has one of those beers. Oh and a lime.


  1. Aldi is great! Your always get so much for your money!

  2. We love Aldi but I always find I spend more because I keep adding things to my trolley exclaiming "this is so cheap we should definitely get it!" xx

  3. That is a very full fridge! I really ought to try Aldi some time. I'm also impressed with you making a chilli to last several days (although I suspect the amount you make for several days would be one meal for my teenage son!).

    1. Ha ha! Yeah I do make a huge one. It's my New Years resolution! X

  4. We're just doing this now. I love a good challenge!


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