Sunday, 24 January 2016

Becoming A Stage School Mum

When my daughter was 18 months I got her all dressed up in a little tutu and for the next year or so we had amazing times each week going to ballet. She LOVED it. Then one day? She didn't. For two more weeks I dragged her along but it was clear she didn't really enjoy going anymore. Her love of singing, dancing and making shows continued but just in the privacy of our own home. But as she's just turned five when we got offered the chance for her to attend Stagecoach Theatre Art classes on a Saturday morning for a term? We thought we would give it another crack.

With franchises up and down the country the class my girl attended was aimed at kids between 4-6. 90 minutes long (and away from parents EEK) it focuses on singing, dancing and drama. As they are classed as 'Early Stages' the classes concentrate on rhythms and how sounds are formed rather than them performing the whole of Annie on day one (bagsy playing Miss Hannigan!). The uniform is a T-shirt and anything comfy so they can move around easily.

On arrival we were greeted by the friendly staff and I was allowed to sit in for the first ten minutes or so whilst she got warmed up. It was lovely to see her running around, laughing and I crept off with a lump in my throat. We picked her up 90 minutes later and she told me that she had made some new friends as well as singing Frere Jacques (totes had to Google how to spell that!).

Overall I left really happy that she was safe with plenty of staff on hand to keep an eye on her and she came home happy to have spent the morning singing, dancing and generally running around like a loon. I will be doing a few more posts on the girl's progress throughout the term but whilst you wait for them pop over to the Stagecoach Theatre Art Classes website to find out more about how your little one can join in!


  1. Glad she enjoyed it! Since doing the panto, my daughter has been interested in singing and dancing and we've tried out Stagecoach and PQA. Unfortunately, doing one or other of them will mean giving up 2 of her 4 dance classes as we can't afford for her to do everything. Now she's struggling to make a decision about what she wants to do :( I can see the merits of all of them, but it has to be her decision.

  2. I really wanted LP to do this but as I work every Saturday we just couldn't manage it. She looks like she loves it! x


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