Saturday, 16 January 2016

Five Space Saving Solutions For Small Rooms

I love my house. It was where I left to get married and when I came home exhausted with two babies. It's in a part of Birmingham I adore and it has a huge bathroom, beautiful high ceilings and a lovely playroom. There is only one issue. My kids rooms? Are a bit on the small side. Whilst this was OK when they were small babies and only needed rooms for the odd playmat and IgglePiggle now as they are getting older it's a bit of an issue. So I have had to maximise space to make the most of their rooms and have a little space of their own that they can be proud of.

Box Space
As we have high ceilings there is quite a lot of wasted space. So above the wardrobe in my daughters room we have popped a shelf and on top of it have brought some box storage from Ikea. We chose pink but they come in all sorts of patterns. I have floral ones in my wardrobe. In here we keep things we don't really need to get to that often such as out of season clothes, nit combs (vom) and the odd World Book Day panic buy fancy dress outfit.

Bunk Beds
Last year we put bunk beds into my girls room. We were looking for a spare bed in case someone was ill, or someone (MY HUSBAND) snored. Just an extra place to lay our heads. There are a lovely range of bunk beds at Room to Grow. My daughter took to it straight away and loves being the queen of her own bedtime castle.

The Bottom Bunk
Any parent of a five year old girl will know that they come with a hell of a lot of Disney Princess toys. So the bottom bunk has become a storage area for all her 'best' dolls that she doesn't want to be ruined by her baby brother. We lay them out all nicely and that bottom bunk has held many a crazy Princess tea party.

Book Storage
We have a lot of books in this house but whilst most of them are in the playroom downstairs my daughter loves to have her favourite few upstairs. So to keep them tidy and also look super pretty I invested in a lovely Sass and Belle wall hanging as well as a little Disney bookcase that can fit in a surprising amount of books.

Vacuum Pack That Tat
I am loathed to let go of all my kids baby clothes. What if I want another baby and I don't have any clothes for it? OK so I could buy some more and the chances of me having a baby are slim but I invested in a lot of vacuum packs for loads of it. You think it won't work but it does! And they fit in easily under beds or in the bottom of wardrobes.

So here are a few little solutions for your little ones bedroom. The alternative is to move house but to be honest? I would rather spend the money on new shoes and chocolate.

This post was written in collaboration with Room To Grow


  1. I would never think to put bunk beds in a room that kids weren't sharing but it makes complete sense - and ready for sleepovers too!x

  2. Great tips. I don't think you can ever have enough space with kids x


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