Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Five Ways To Help Your Little One Crack Reading

My daughter started school in September and I am pleased to say that she LOVES it. She skips in and runs out laughing. One of her favourite things to do is read. But what I have found difficult is that learning to read is a bit different to how I remember doing it. We didn't do phonics and I certainly don't remember books with children in called Biff (seriously who calls their kid Biff?). So I put my 'teaching' hat on (it's not actually a hat. I am really in bed typing this in some nice Next pyjamas) and came up with a few tips to help your reception kiddos on the way to reading their own bedtime stories at night. The dream!

1) Get To Know Your Phonics
Phonics is the process of mapping the sounds in words to written letters. My school really helpfully issued us all with a CD of phonic songs and a little booklet to help us with the sounds. There are some great clips on YouTube to help you know the right sounds to make as it's different to how us grown ups say them.

2) Plan Reading In To Your Routine
Each night before my daughter goes to bed her Dad takes up her school books that she needs to read for homework and they have a read through. It's their little bit of five minutes peace before she goes to sleep. Our school have us write a reading diary which is a really good idea as you get to to see the progress of your child on their reading journey.

3) Out And About
When we go out and I spot a word I know my girl can read on a sign (let's be honest more often than not it's McDonalds) or in a menu I ask her to read it. And the fact that she can makes her really happy. I then get her to do a few phonics on some of the words she's not too sure of. And we high five. Something I know she will hate me doing when she is a teenager.

4) Praise
A little bit of praise goes a long way. If they manage to read their school book with not much help, or manage to notice a word in a magazine give them that high five or a chocolate coin. Make reading fun. Let the teacher know if they have done anything a bit extra special at home as all tiny kids LOVE their teachers to say ace things about them. I've even been known to make a giant 16 year old blush with the odd compliment.

5) Make It Fun
When I was 5 which was like 15 years ago. OK 32. There wasn't the internet. Or fun computer games to help me to read. There were quite frankly terrifying 70's style books. Now? There are all sorts of things available. And one really popular tool to use is Reading Eggs. The award winning programme, used by over 3.4 million people worldwide is perfect for children to help them to read. It can be accessed on your tablet (and we all know how kids LOVE tablets) and uses fun cartoons and games to really engage kids into reading.

So to help your kiddo improve their reading this year why not try the above tips and also I've got a super exclusive offer! Reading Eggs would like to offer all brummymummyof2 readers a FREE 4 week trial for their little ones this January and kick start learning in 2016.  Reading Eggs is the award winning online literacy programme for children aged 3-13 so register today and see for yourself how much your child's reading improves in just 4 weeks. Click here now to start: Offer ends 31st January.

This post was written in collaboration with Reading Eggs


  1. Some great tips. My Littlie (she's ten now but at around the same stage as your daughter... special needs) loves phonics. I've had 5 years to learn/get used to them now, but you're right... a completely different way of teaching than when my eldest 4 were learning to read.

    I love your snuggly-reading-photos :)

  2. Thank you for this, have just signed up for the free trial. Love your blog, keep up the good work! :)


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