Thursday, 28 January 2016

My Monthly Favourites: The Valentines Edition

It's kinda trendy to say "hey guys we don't do Valentines Day as we just love each other all the time". WELL NOT IN MY HOUSE. I am more of a "look I've let you sleep in for the past year now give me some presents" kinda gal. So here are some of the lovely bits I have been sent to review for Valentines 2016.

Lily Charmed: Infinity Necklace
I love Lily Charmed. They were featured in my Christmas gift guides and for Valentines Day you could either go to their site and customise a necklace or at the moment they have this gorgeous 'infinity' 24 gold plated necklace especially for your loved one. Presented in a beautiful box ("hooray no wrapping!" men of the world shout) which you can have customised to say whatever you want. What I really loved about the jewellery is that is is really reasonably priced. It's perfect for a bit of luxury if you're on a budget. So why not pop over to Lily Charmed to pick up a stunning bit of jewellery for the one you love.

Zazzle: Customised Goodies
Zazzle is an amazing website where literally you can pretty much get anything to your hearts desire. And then get it customised. So if you wanted a pillow with your guinea pigs face on it (I SO WOULD) you could. They got in touch as Zazzle believe that Valentines Day should be to show everyone that you love them so asked me to pick some little treats for a few people close to me. 

The other half has become a gym fanatic so I got him a water bottle with his initials on. For my sister (who is a comedy writer) I chose her a customised tote bag as well as a notepad to take when she swans around the BBC. For friends I picked a range of inspirational quotes (bloggers love them!). What I really loved about these were that they came in a range of sizes for all sorts of frames and you can also put a little note at the bottom of them. All of the products arrived within the week and even though most of them were under a tenner they made really lovely thoughtful presents. Go and visit Zazzle to treat your loved one to a customised gift they will keep forever.

Hotel Chocolat: Valentines Range
Can we all agree that we are going to stop dieting now please? We've moved on from January so it is time to get back on the saddle and tuck into some chocolates. The Hotel Chocolate Valentines range is beautiful. Ranging from £2.50 to £100 I was asked to choose my favourite box and opted for 'The Valentines Day Sleekster'. Containing 27 heart shaped chocolates with soft centres I could wrap this up for my other half. Or? I could give myself some Valentines love and shove them down my gob whilst he's at the gym. See the full range of beautiful loved up chocolates on the Hotel Chocolat website.

Beefeater: Valentines Menu
My family and I are big fans of our local Beefeater, The Duck on the Hagley Road in Brum. We visit quite regularly so we jumped at the chance to go and visit again to have a look at some of their great ideas for Valentines. Alas? We had to ditch the romance as we had two tiny people with us. One of the great thing we loved for couples was that select dishes came with unlimited skinny/triple cooked chips (which blew my husbands tiny mind). There was also a great choice of dishes to share and we all tucked into an amazing garlic flatbread (after 12 years together a bit of bad breath won't ruin us!).

My other half and son chose big hearty burgers but there is an amazing range of juicy steaks on offer if that tickles your chaps fancy. Of course you can always finish your date with one of their super indulgent deserts. We tried the chocolate melt pudding which was AMAZING! So if you're looking for somewhere close to home to nip out whilst the grandparents babysit for Valentines take a look at a Beefeater restaurant near you.



  1. I would so eat the chocolates whilst my other half was at the gym, after all it is only kind after they have worked hard to get in shape and burn loads of calories xx

  2. You can't go wrong with a beefeater! We have a lovely one near us too. It's where we went for our first 'official' night out after having M.

  3. Great Review. Thanks for the kind comments about Beefeater, I am glad you enjoyed your experience with us. We hope to see you again.

    Kind Regards
    Assistant Manager


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