Saturday, 9 January 2016

Painting My Girl (Well Kinda)

I am not a creative person. Sure I can write and I can do a bit of filming but with regards to arts and crafts? I am dreadful. Like really dreadful. Easter Hats send me into a tizzy and sometimes when I draw for my son he is baffled by my attempts "is it a dog Mummy?" (It was Elsa). But when I was sent a few sets of Snazaroo face paints to review with my girl I thought I would give it my best shot. So warning...whilst the end result is a C- (OK a D)  I deserve an A+ for effort.

We were sent a whole host of goodies including the Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack, the Snazeroo Face Paint Gift Set, some face sponges, face stencils and a pack of three extra brushes. Which by god I needed! As both sets came with a handy step by step face painting guide I asked my girl which two she would like me to have a crack at. And she chose? A butterfly and rainbow (I breathed a sigh of relief when she bypassed the tiger!).

First we had a go at the butterfly and the book was super easy to follow. Each face can be done in three simple steps. The colours mixed really easily and were great to apply. Hats off to any professional face painters reading this as trying to get a five year old to sit still? Is bloomin hard.

OK. So this is a very odd butterfly. But I think with a little practice and maybe having a play with the different types of brushes I could do a better job. What I did think was great though was that when you are overlaying a colour with a paler tone you can see it without it all merging into one. Next? We went for the rainbow. With a little bit more success. Kinda.

Again I followed the booklet and she was really pleased with this one. Taking the 'buttefly' (ahem) off was actually really simple. I just used a baby wipe and it came off with no fuss. The Ultimate Party Pack also comes with glitter which would have been amazing to sprinkle over the rainbow but by this time she had ran away to show her brother. Who does want a tiger tomorrow. GAH!

The Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack is a fab product to have in the house. It be great to have at birthday parties as a fun thing to do with the kids attending. I have used the sets we have had in the past to help out with World Book Days and all the other fancy dress days that crop up throughout the year. (grrrr). I would however advise you to invest in some extra brushes and practice having a bit of extra patience. 


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