Top Tips For Healthy Lunch Boxes

If you read my blog regularly you will know that there is nothing we like better in life as a family is going on an adventure. It might be to CBeebies Land or just the local farm. I also pride myself on making a cracking good old fashioned picnic. Whenever we have decided to wing it we've ended up spending £30 on manky chips. So with the help of soft drink Jucee I thought I would share my top tips for making simple, fun lunch boxes for school or just a trip to the local park.

Special Lunch Boxes
In our house each of us have a special lunch box. And food is far more delicious when it is held in something you love. Mine is Cath Kidston (obvs) and my kiddos alternate between various Disney Princesses, Thomas and we've even got a retro Teletubbies one knocking about somewhere.

Make It Fun
Jucee set my family the task of making some fun fruit faces based on their range of characters. My kids found it hilarious and whilst shoving a pineapple in a lunchbox may not be to realistic (however I would love to see my girl's teachers face), with a few simple bits and bobs such as stick on eyes, it is really easy to make fruit look fun. This then encourages your kiddo to eat healthily without even noticing. Sneaky eh?

My daughter hates ham. My son hates cheese. This is a rule. And as much as I would like to make them eat whatever I tell them too? It's just not going to happen so I know do a quick "what does everyone fancy in their lunch box today?" shout out. Then there's no tantrums in Thomas Land and no disagreements on a playdate. As you asked them. HA!

Pack More Than One Drink
I have embraced the fact that sippy cups will not work for me. They either leak or we lose them. So I am a big fan of taking ready prepared drinks on days out with us. But you MUST (and don't say I didn't warn you) take more than one. Jucee do handy 100% no added sugar juice cartons which would be ideal for my daughter and other half. But as my boy is still in the stage of squeezing cartons the instant he gets them we would opt for the no added sugar bottle drinks for him. Cherry flavoured. Natch.

Why not pop over to read more about Jucee Soft Drinks. You can find out more about the characters (and get inspiration to make your own) and there's fun games to be played. Also check out my top tips video and see my kiddos making their very own faces (I make a VERY sassy pineapple!).

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