A Valentines Day Letter To You (An Apology)

Dear Other Half

Happy Valentines Day! Do you remember our very first one all those years ago? Where you brought me lovely bits and bobs and I cried as you got me a candle holder in the shape of a heart. I lovingly wrote you soppy notes and brought you one of those little voucher booklets from Clintons. Where you could exchange them for a massage, a kiss and a bit of how's your Father. Each subsequent year we went out for a romantic meal, cocktails were involved and generally quite a few of those vouchers were used.

This year? We can't get a babysitter so we are going to watch Zoolander 2 on Saturday afternoon. I can promise I will eat far too many sweets (as I don't have to share them) but I can't promise that I won't have a little nap and miss the main plot lines. Things have changed. We got older, we got kids and we got super passive aggressive about a variety of crap that really doesn't matter.

It drives me mad when you don't condition our daughter's hair but pretend you do. I see your eyes roll when I shout about who does the most washing up. And it really isn't necessary for you to point out when you have put one load of washing on WHEN I DO IT EVERY DAY (OK sorry. I forgot this is supposed to be a love letter. I digress). But I do still love you very much.

This was our anniversary. After an hour? We had to leave as our son was ill. Ah THE ROMANCE!

I love that you don't mind that when you leave for work I am in my pyjamas and when you return? I am still in my pyjamas. I am ashamed to say. Sometimes the same pyjamas. I love that rather than scowling at me using dry shampoo here and there, sometimes you even ask if you can borrow some. I love that when we say "Netflix and Chill" we really mean just that. I am never as happy as sitting on opposite couches watching a box set whilst dozing on a Friday night with you.

I am sorry that sometimes I shout. I am sorry that sometimes I cry over the most ridiculous things and I am grateful that you, unlike me, don't totally lose your sh*t over things like school places, jabs, sickness bugs (however a bit of involvement would be grateful...sorry am digressing again). This is a letter to say that although a lot of things have changed from the sagginess of my boobs to the odd grey fleck in your beard (which you grew as 'the youth' have them). I am still the very same girl that got the tiny candle holder and cried. Just a more grown up, moany version.

Maybe in the next year things will get a bit easier as the kids are getting older and by rights we should have more time our hands. Or maybe I will be sat here writing you a very similar letter. I just hope you know that no matter what I love you with my whole heart, especially when you put that one load of washing on.

Love Me xxx
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