Thursday, 25 February 2016

Five Top Tips To Brave A Big Bed!

Both of my children went into a 'big bed' when they turned two. My daughter did as she was kicked out of her cot to make way for her little brother. My son did as we were moving the house around and had a bed going spare. So having gone through the process twice I've come up with a few ideas that will help you if you are thinking of getting your tiny tot to make the leap from cot bed to big bed.

Choose The Right Time
Two worked for my children but it may be too early or too late for yours. I've known toddlers who have outgrown their cot at 18 months and some that are still in there at three. You know your kids best and if someone is saying "Oh are they STILL" in a cot? Tell them to get lost. You have my permission.

Adjustment Period
When we knew it was time to move into the cot we popped a bed in the room with a really exciting duvet cover on for them. My son had Thomas along with a brand new Thomas cushion. My daughter went down the Disney Princess route (standard). You could even go on step further and try somewhere like Ollie & Leila who create bespoke beds. Where possible I got them to play on the bed, I read them stories on the bed and I tried to get them to have their nap on the bed. I did this for about a fortnight...and it worked!

A Little White Lie
Small children are quite attached to their cot. It's their happy, safe place. So? To get them out of it we did a little fib. We told my daughter that it had to go to a farm for lambs to sleep in. I KNOW! What a load of old rubbish but you know what? It worked. And sometimes it's whatever gets you through isn't it? #badmum

But What If They Fall Out?
Simples get a bed rail. They are fairly easy and cheap to source. We had a single sided one for my girl as she up against a wall and a double one for my boy. Placed at the top of the bed it stops them rolling out when they are snoozing. We found that once they were in a larger bed they didn't do that bizarre thing babies do and move around so their head is touching the bottom of the cot.

But What If They Climb Out?
OK this is a worry. And I am afraid to say? This is just something that you had to go through. The old them climbing out, you picking them up and putting them back in routine. My daughter stays in bed from the second you put her in till the moment you tell her to get up. She is AMAZING! My son? Can often be heard roaming around. What we did to make ourselves feel really safe is ensure that the baby gate is locked so he doesn't go head first down the stairs.

Like anything getting your beautiful baby into a big ole bed can be a heart wrenching emotional time but there is NOTHING better in life than climbing into a big bed, having a good old snuggle and reading a story. You couldn't do that with a cot could you?

This post was written in collaboration with Ollie & Leila


  1. I just changed my daughter over at 19 months in the hope that the independence might make her sleep a little better,and it worked! It was a cot bed so I only took the sides off but its like there are invisible bars on it. She hasn't once tried to get out and will even still say 'up' when I go in in the morning. Bless them.

    1. My girl never gets out still and she's five! It is so odd isn't it! I kinda love it! x


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