High Fives All Round. For Tiny Parenting Triumphs

Today has been a good day. Did I perform a life saving operation? No. Did I put out a fire or stop a runaway train? Not at all. Did I even manage to have a shower? No way! But what happened today was one of those times when all the stars collide. The world comes together and for a few brief hours you feel like you've got this parenting lark down and you are rocking it like Kim K and Kanye.

I think you may have gathered by now that sometimes I find Motherhood a bit difficult. I'm not natural at baking or crafts. I couldn't whip up a World Book Day fancy dress outfit if I tried (and believe me I have) and teacher shouty voice can often be heard screaming "GET YOUR SHOES ON" three minutes after we are supposed to have left for school. But today I smashed it.

I made this! (I didn't)

Today. My son didn't have any tantrums. Today. We were at the school gate early. Today. I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Today. I did two loads of washing. Today. I not only had dinner ready on the table for my husband like a proper good wifey but it also didn't taste disgusting! I know! It's like a miracle has happened! I also did a solo bath and bedtime and even shoved a Yankee Candle on in the living room coz I'm dead fancy like that.

In the grand scheme of things these are really tiny parenting triumphs. I am sure there are armies of women who will exclaim "well that's what I do everyday!". But for me it a culmination of lots of mini things that made me feel great. I think sometimes we are quite quick to focus on the things we are crap at and forget the things that make us amazing. The things that maybe go unnoticed by our other halves or kids. Making sure a PE kit is ready and washed for a Monday morning or remembering the £1 for a another fancy dress day. That dance you do when your son poo's on the potty and not forgetting to put a bra on when you go to work.

These little things all clubbed together keep your family unit ticking over. And yeah OK you haven't saved a life and in the scheme of things cooking fajitas isn't rocket science but it's all part of what keeps your family happy and that means far more than stopping a runaway train.*

*(OK obviously stopping a runaway train and saving loads of lives would mean a lot more but hopefully you get my point).
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