Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Animal Crazy Boy

Half term is over and it's back to being just me and my boy. He's off to pre-school in September so I like to make the most of the time we have left (SOB). Generally we can be found in a park or in soft play but sometimes it's good to just stay in the house, read a book and have a cuddle. He's always drawn to tales of dinosaurs and is at that age where he is obsessed with animals. So when we were asked to take a look at the new Disney Animal World Collection I knew it would be perfect for him. Lions and Mickey Mouse? His dream!

You can subscribe to get books sent to your house monthly, or pick them up in the newsagent weekly. The perfect size for small children, inside you will not only find fun facts about a range of animals (Issue 1 focuses on the African Savannah) but also exclusive Disney cartoons to go alongside it. There was a lovely chimp 'search and find' puzzle that I know my daughter will love when she gets in from school and a bedtime story that Daddy can read when he gets home from work.

The issues come complete with a little collectable toy. We got Mickey Mouse and a cute lion called Milo. Upcoming issues have Donald the Duck and Edward the Elephant, Minnie Mouse and Tessa the Lioness and Zac and Zara the Zebra toys. They are good sized models that won't be able to be lost in the cracks of our wooden floor or vacuumed up at the end of the day. When you have the complete set you can play along with the animals whilst you read about them in the books.

Perfect for an animal crazy toddler or perhaps an older child that loves collecting books and figures the Disney Animal World Collection is a brilliant weekly treat that you can all enjoy (especially Mum who can have peace and quiet for five minutes whilst they are engrossed!).

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  1. Hubby brought this today for our 3 year old who is mickey mad... how cool are we 😊 x

  2. Hubby brought this today for our 3 year old who is mickey mad... how cool are we 😊 x


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