Monday, 8 February 2016

My Top 5 Box Sets To Gorge On

One of the most tricksome things about becoming a parent is that a lot of the time? You are stuck in the house. Date nights are a thing of the past, trips to the flicks do not exist and generally the lack of sleep means that you end up sitting in most evenings twiddling your fingers wondering what to do. And this my friend? Is why box sets exist! What did we do before they arrived in our lives? HOW DID WE JUST WATCH ONE HOUR A WEEK OF A PROGRAMME WE LOVED? The mind boggles. So here are my favourite box sets to gorge on.

Perfect To Weep To: Greys Anatomy
I have always been a huge Greys fan and watched it avidly for years. And then you know what happens. You miss one season and then can't quite catch up. So this month I have been watching Grey and co on and off. And yesterday morning? The finale made me weep before I went to work. If you want to watch it from the very begining there are well over 200 episodes on NOW TV. Make sure you have tissues to hand. Lots of them.

I watch Greys purely to learn about hospitals and stuff and not because of handsome men

Perfect To Make You Laugh Alone: Girls
Girls is like marmite. And like marmite? I ruddy love it. It makes me HOWL with laughter. It is daft, it is outrageous, it says loads about women I agree with. It is one of my most favourite comedies in recent times and the episode where the main character Hannah wears a fluorescent green string vest (with no bra) is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. My husband hates it. Something to watch if you fancy a giggle alone.

Perfect To Make You Laugh With Him: Hello Ladies
Stephen Merchent is brilliant. My sister met him once and said he was adorable (OK she hugely fancies him). This series (and subsequent made for TV movie) is also available on NOW TV and is really easy going. You can dip in and out and still keep up with what is going on. To sum it up a tall, geeky, funny British man trying to find love in LA. It's brilliant.

Mmmmm how about you run?

Perfect To Keep Him Happy Whilst You Snooze: The Walking Dead
Whispers...I don't like The Walking Dead...there I said it. My husband loves it. So we watch this on those occasions I want him to think that we are spending together. Which means he watches loads of zombies walking quite slowly at humans whilst I sleep. It's rubbish.

Perfect For A Poorly Tot: Peppa Pig
Sometimes? You think you are going to spend a lovely evening with your other half and then low and behold about twenty minutes after your little one goes to bed? They vomit. And then you are in for a night where CBeebies is off the tele and you for some reason have no Peppa saved on your Sky Plus. You need to always ensure that you have a full series to hand. So you can snooze cuddling your sick kiddo whilst they watch that damn pig all through the night.

If you are looking for some great box sets, movies or sport (YAWN) to watch on those evenings when you are trapped in the house then check out NOW TV. I am currently one of their blog ambassadors. Click on the link below to find out more about them!

Pics Credits: I do not know such handsome men or Zombies. First shot is from Pinterest. Second from eonline.


  1. Peppa pig all the way, that was our weekend! My husband also likes the walking dead.. I don't get the hype myself! X

  2. My wife and I both love a bit of the blacklist, well I say a bit we blitzed season one in about a week

  3. I haven't seen any of these - not even Peppa Pig really! x

  4. I have just become a member of the Now TV Blog Squad (excited face), and we have just started watching The Affair, totally hooked already, and hubby has started on the Walking Dead (that's my cue to head to bed lol) x


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