Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Doll Evolves. Barbie And My Girl

I have always been a very 'girl power' kinda lady. I went to an all girls school till I was 18 and it never crossed my mind that women couldn't rule the world. We were pushed to try our very best and it was a given we would all have careers. I had Barbie's when I was a child and I must admit I was never really focused on the way she looked. Sure I thought she was beautiful but it didn't model my ideals on women. I was lucky. Since being a teacher it is clear that a lot of girls model the way they feel about themselves on the media and with the arrival of social media they are being attacked with what is 'beautiful' from all angles.

Barbie has always been the archetypal 'pretty girl'. With beautiful long locks, a tiny waist and the ability to be anything from a Doctor to a super hero but always looking sleek and stylish. Real life isn't like that. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Some girls are tall, some girls are petite. Our skins are all different tones and I can promise we don't always rock a heel when we are at work. Which is why the addition of three new body types tall, curvy and petite is a brilliant development for little girls all over the world.

The 2016 Barbie Fashionistas range not only has new body types but includes seven skin tones, 22 eye colours, 24 hair styles and countless on trend fashion and accessories. We got to take an exclusive  look at four of the dolls from the range and I loved them. It made me so happy to see that such a huge brand was reflecting the world we live in. My favourite of the four was the blonde 'curvy' doll. I adored the fact she was still wearing a great outfit and the temptation to shove her in trousers and smock top was avoided.

My daughter really loved the petite Barbie and I think that was due to the beautiful hair! I filmed a little video of her (see below) and asked her her thoughts. She couldn't really tell any difference in sizes but thought that one was quite tall. She loved all the dolls and placed next to her 'normal' Barbie she thought they were the same.

To see more from the range go and check out The Doll Evolves video and they will be available to buy from Amazon first in the UK! Now I am going to go and hide that blond one. I shall call her Cherry. She will have amazing adventures!


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