Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Top Tips For Car Travelling With Kids

I don't know about you but travelling in the car with my two can more often than not be one of the most stressful things ever. One or both children end up crying and I have been known to scream "JUST STOP FIGHTING!". But as we generally go away on holiday a few times a year in the UK, I have had to develop some ways to make sure we don't all end up screaming. I want the car journey is a the best way to start a holiday. Not the best way to get a headache.

Be Prepared!
We invested in two DVD players. And two sets of headphones. So the night before we go away I ask my two what they would like to watch in the car and then ensure that DVD is in the proper player. I also get the other half to get them all set up well before we go so we don't fall out over who saw the charger lead first! I also have a spare tablet in my bag in case one of them wants to play online games.

Never Ending Snacks
My kiddos LOVE snacks and seem to be endlessly hungry when we go in the car. So I give them a little plastic tub full of bits and bobs for them to nibble on. Take it from me? DO NOT give them yoghurt's or chocolate unless you want to find it smeared all down your car seats. I also have some extra bits tucked in my bag for emergencies. They always get used.

If it's a really long journey (Disneyland Paris takes approximately ten hours) it may be good to have some car games to hand. You can try good old fashioned eye spy. But with a three year old? Generally every answer is an elephant and they aren't often found on the motorway (not even in France!). You can find some fab ones on Pinterest or you can search for some on the iCarhireinsurance.com site who have some handy printouts.

Keep Calm And Stop
I often find the best way to keep the journey happy is to stop. As many times as you want. If you know of a great little service station with a park? Book it into your journey. If you are staying miles away? Why not drive half way and spend the night in a cheap B&B.

Pass The Sick Bucket
Take it from someone who's daughter vomited 30 mins into the journey to Paris make sure you take the following: a plastic bag, with another plastic bag in it, some kitchen roll, baby wipes and have a spare set of clothes readily available for them...and you (vom). It probably will never get used. But it's better to be safe than sorry! Now go and enjoy travelling with the kids. And try not to shout...too much.

This post was written in collaboration with iCarhireinsurance.com


  1. Great tips! Thanks Em

  2. Snacks win, every single time! We are driving to Scotland for half term - and obviously back again afterwards. 9.5 hours EACH WAY! YAY..... x

  3. We've been down to the South of France 3 times with Ben now! We do an over night stop and I always sit next to him to help amuse him, your tips are great! This year when we go Ben will be 3 and hopefully being able to do more things with him in the car. We've even bought him a Leappad for his birthday to help this year.

    1. Ah he will love the Leappad! My two adore their tablets...a bit too much! x

  4. Great tips. We used to have two dvd players but the boy kept hitting/touching his and now it's broken. Ugh. Love your top photo! :) xx


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