9 Springtime Parenting Pleasures

1) A slight bit of sun means? You guessed it...SHOVING YOUR WASHING ON THE LINE! Nothing is more glorious than seeing your smalls wafting in the sunlight. OK so it takes hours for your granny pants to dry as it's still fooking freezing but it's still an amazing feeling. And the joy of buying new pegs? THE DREAM.

2) The garden becomes a new and exciting place to be. It doesn't matter if your kids get play doh in the grass (OK your other half may moan something about "the mower will break" but screw him), felt tips can be chucked into bushes and it makes no odds. Sigh. Bliss.


3) In the grim weather your local park looks like some sort of crack den straight outta da bronx. In the sun? The graffiti can be described as 'street art', the local yoofs are talented skateboarders and that smell isn't drugs. It's fresh mowed grass!

4) Spring means Pimms. Pimms is virtually fat free, it's low fat no added sugar squash. And you generally have fruit in a Pimms which means you are having your five a day. You would be doing yourself a disservice by NOT drinking it.

5) Whilst you are saving calories by drinking mainly Pimms, you are gaining them through your vast consumption of your children's Easter Eggs. If you didn't eat them. They would. And that would be very poor parenting. You are doing them a favour. They will thank you for this one day.

Knock yourself out kids! You're allowed to mess this shizzle up!

6) Despite it still being ridiculously cold nothing says 'slightly sunny weather' than a picnic. Picnics are the king of all meals when you have small kids. Yeah you cut up some complimentary cucumber (which no-one eats) but it makes no odds if the wotsits are squished into the grass and a fruit shoot is shot up the fence.

7) Spring means new footwear! We move away from the comfy boot and ease our feet into a jazzy pristine Converse. This dream footwear for Mum's means we don't have to sort our trotters out with moisturiser and nail varnish. However we are not sweating in fleece lined UGGS/Biker Boots. And don't get me started on a nice new mint pair? Glorious!


8) Whilst the spring is sunny it is still a bit cold so we can still get away with hairy legs for a few months left. And bonus? We don't look a d*ck when we wear sunglasses on to hide our tired eyes on the school run. I like to think I look a bit like Beyonce.

9) The spring is amazing at it's time for farms and days out. It's time for fun, happiness, and making amazing family memories. Oh yeah and let's not forget the Pimms #itsallaboutthepimms

Happy, sunny, times
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