Sunday, 20 March 2016

My Monthly Favourites: March

How the heck is it March already? This monthly favourites of bits and bobs we have been sent to review, is a bit early as it features some fun adventures I thought you may want to go to in the Easter here goes...

1. Laugh Out Loud Book Awards
My pair love to read so I was really excited to get the picture book shortlist through for the Scholastic School Book Clubs and Fair's 'Laugh Out Loud' Awards. The awards aim to get kids and teachers involved in reading some cracking funny books which will encourage your little ones to read at home for pleasure. For those who read my blog regularly you will know that funny is my thing so it was great to read with my pair stories about slugs and wees. Judged by the amazing Micheal Rosen, the Lollies are open for teachers to vote until June 10th. So if you're a teacher sign up, get giggling and vote, vote, vote. Alternatively if you're a parent look at the site for some fab activity sheets!! Pop over to my Facebook Page on Wednesday to join in with Wicked Wednesdays and maybe bag yourself some books from the shortlist in a little competition on 23rd March.

2. Disney On Ice Silver Anniversary Celebration
I am rubbish at keeping secrets. But this Easter we have kept a HUGE one from our pair. We are taking them to preview the Disney On Ice Silver Anniversary Celebration at The Genting Arena, Birmingham. I CANNOT WAIT. We have been to see Disney on Ice twice before. Both times I wept pretty much from the beginning to the end. It's magical. It's beautiful. It's fun. There are still tickets available and as it's slap bang in the middle of the Easter holiday it is a perfect evening out. Pop back for a full review in April. 

3. Hatton Adventure World
We are big fans of Hatton in our household. Not only is it not too far away but it also has something for everyone. The kids love the farm and the little fair and I love having a mooch round the shops whilst the other half keeps an eye on them. Every year there is a special Easter event at Hatton between the 19th March and the 3rd of April. With puppet and magic shows and the worlds best soft play we plan to visit during the holiday and have a ruddy amazing time!

4. Converse From Jones Bootmaker
As we all know the Spring means time to get out our old Converse pumps. The shoe of choice for most Mum's up and down the country. Mine are looking decidedly dirty this year and there is only so many times you can shove a pair of pumps in the wash before they fall apart. So I will be popping to Jones Bookmaker to get my new Converse. With loads of different colours and styles in stock including high tops and my all time favourite mint pair, all of us Mum's can be sure to find something we love.

5. Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
We've worked a lot with Hotel Chocolat in the past year and my Mum always gets excited when something comes in the post as she knows it will be winging it's way to her. This lovely dark chocolate Easter egg RRP £15 is no different. It's a bit steep as a treat for the kids but is lovely to buy for your Mum or someone who helps out with the kids. It comes complete with six pralines and I would be really shocked if it lasts past bank holiday Monday!

6. Child's Farm Sun Care Range
I love Child's Farm kids toiletries. We really struggled with products to tame my little girls hair and their shampoo and conditioner really helped. This month they popped in the post their new sun care range which will be available in Waitrose. It consists of a 50+spf cream for sun, sea and sand and an after sun lotion for cool skin. The cream is packed full of natural ingredients such as sunflower seed and meadow foam seed. These help soothe, soften and hydrate skin. The after sun contains vera, cocoa butter and shea butter which will protect sensitive skin from fierce sun and hot, dry winds. We are off to Lanzarote in half term so I will be packing this duo. Oh I can't flipping wait!

7. Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring
My husband snores. It makes me want to kill him. For years he did nothing about it and then he got these strange little plasters that he put across his nose. They come in packs that last a month but it does work out quite pricey. So I was intrigued to hear about the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring. Worn on your little finger, the ring focuses on two acupressure points. The acu-activators work to free up your nasal breathing passages and your natural bio-rhythms. My husband has worn it for a few nights and so far so good! He says it is dead comfortable and he didn't even notice it on his finger. It takes a week to work properly so wish me luck that it will stay working. The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring comes in three sizes and is available in Boots or online at Good Night Snoring

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