My Monthly Favourites: Stationery Basics

I have a little secret. My name is Emma and I am a 38 year old addicted to stationery. ADDICTED I TELL THEE! So when I was asked if I wanted to get a few treats in the post to celebrate National Stationery Week, which is taking place 25th April to 1st May, I not only said "hell yeah" I thought...ohhhh...I need to buy some extra treats to accompany them. So here are some great stationery basics, and a few little bits to jazz them up!

1. & 2. Nuco Notebooks
I use a lot of notepads from the brand Nuco Notebooks:. I was sent an A4 'Tough Paper' version and a plain brown A5 one. I really love an A4 pad as they are great for the kids to draw in and also brilliant if you fancy a bit of scrap booking. I shall be keeping the A5 one for myself. The elastic makes it perfect to take to the various blog conferences I go to as it means I can keep any extra information given safe. 

3. Staedtler Brilliant Colour Fine Pens
You can't beat a bloomin fine liner. They are the most fancy of pens. They are ideal in planners and this pack from Staedtler will most certainly be kept for best. The pack they come in can be bent backwards and then rest all slanted and looking lovely on your desk.

4. Kikki K Stickers
I recently went to London without the kids. It as amazing.Whilst I was there I had a mooch around Covent Gardens and stumbled into Kikki K. I picked up this pack of amazing stickers. With inspirational quotes they will be perfect to decorate the cover of the plain nu: notepads or pop onto envelopes when sending cards to your chums.

5. Meri Meri Alphabet Stickers
I got this pack of Meri Meri golden sparkly alphabet stickers from Oliver Bonas in the sale after Christmas. They can still be got online in John Lewis and are amazing for decorating other bits of stationery. They are fantastic quality and really stay stuck.

6. Staedtler Fashion Stationery Pack
This little handy pack would be ideal for the kids I teach at school. Featuring a range of pens, including a highlighter and biros, it would be great for revision. I will be keeping it to dish out to the girl on a rainy day. 

7. Maped Helix Four Colour Pen
These remind me of when I was a teenager. We didn't have fancy stationery then so a four coloured pen? WAS REVOLUTIONARY! This one from Maped Helix will come in handy at work as it means I can make notes in staff meetings and also mark BTEC work with the same pen. Genius!

8. Staedtler Pencil Set
These pencils for me? Totally sum up school! We still use them today. They haven't appeared to change in over 30 years. Great to help little ones draw, or for bigger kids to make notes they can rub out, this is another little treat that will be kept back for a rainy day.

9. Block Book Original Customised Notepad
If you are feeling a little bit posh and don't fancy customising your own pad you can go to Block Book Original and order one with your very own design. Starting at £10 it is super easy to upload any design you want and customise everything right down to the colour of the elastic!

10. Knock Knock To Accomplish Post It Notes
With my customised planner I like to dot it throughout with post it notes. I also love shoving them all over my work planner. Told you I am a geek! This set from Knock Knock in John Lewis gives you handy little prompts to make sure you keep your whole life in order.

or watch my little haul of all the above products below! 

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