Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Madness Of Blogging

Being a blogger is a funny old game. Sometimes I am a Mum wiping tiny bums or doing the washing up. Sometimes I am stood in front of a group of 15 year olds teaching them stuff and praying they learn everything in time for their exams. Sometimes I am writing words that can be read by 10,000's of people around the world. One post I've written has been seen by over 1 million people. I recall writing it in ten minutes, hungover, in very shabby Matalan pyjamas, whilst the kids watched Peppa. I could be on the school run and get an email from the BBC or on my lunch break and a magazine wants to ask me to comment about something or other (OK tantrums, always tantrums).

It sounds super glamorous and exciting. But recently I feel that it 'may' be (as in totally and utterly) sending me a bit bonkers. For those that know me I am a teeny bit bonkers anyway. Despite being 'bubbly' (polite way of saying loud) I also worry. A lot. And when you are surrounded by small children, or teenagers, or your mates and you make bit of an arse of yourself that's fine. You can go a bit red and carry on with your day. When a work colleague disagrees with your opinion you think "SCREW YOU" and vow never to speak to them again (which generally lasts about two days). But when there are 1000's of pairs of eyes on you? It can get a little bit too...well a bit too much.

This is not me. I work in no bra

A lovely lady left a comment on a blog post today which started off with "I've put off reading this blog as I love your blog and I didn't want it to put me off reading your blog anymore" (waving to you if you weren't put off). It was a post about bottle feeding that did leave me bit bruised and battered Sunday morning when I read some of the comments on FB. But I have to suck it up as I do put myself out there so should expect people to not always agree with me (the fools!). But it's kinda a lot of pressure. It's hard enough in this world to be accepted as yourself with a handful of people let alone loads.

So this post is just to explain that I literally am just a Mum, in her 30's, who enjoys making people laugh. Who finds it easier to write things down than talk to her husband about it (who probably would look bored and roll his eyes). There are going to be things I do that you may not like. A post you disagree with, a photo you think is rubbish or a status that makes you go "god that woman is a d*ck". I've started to worry LOADS about what I post. What filter I should use on instagram and how can I maximise my Pinterest boards. I wonder if I should created a faux me (she would totes be called Britney if I did) or be the actual me and deal with the consequences if people decide they hate me.


Obviously the moral of this post is "hey be you!" but if that's the case then please be OK if one day I'm not funny, or one day I'm a bit sad and maudlin. If we don't agree about something then that's fine as I am just one person. I don't represent a huge company, I don't earn vasts amount of money from the blog. And in reality who actually cares about my opinion? I talk crap most of the time. There is no team backing me up. My husband doesn't even read it which is a good job as HE HAS A SMALL WILLY (he will never see this). So I'm going to start to worry a little less and I know my alter ego Britney would be super high maintenance. She would make me diet. Who's got time for that sh*t?


  1. If they dont like it they can ruddy well unfollow, delete or hide your posts. I for one think you are honest, fun, witty and real and we are name twins and all people called Emma are great (well except for one I know but thats another story!l

  2. I didn't agree with a lot of your bottle feeding post; in fact, it made me really cross. I couldn't formulate a response that said everything I wanted to, in a nice way, so I didn't comment. BUT... who am I to say you shouldn't write and publish posts that I don't agree with? I think as long as you're willing to have a dialogue with your readers and to accept that everyone has a different perspective (as you say here), then go for it, let's all have a good old chat about it - after all, isn't that what good ol social media is about? And please don't stop being hilarious. Or writing blog posts in your PJs.

  3. Oh babs, bless you! little worry wort! I love you posts and I hope you don't go changing. Everyone has an option and Its true you can't please everyone, but who wants to right?! I also really love your line about just being you, as a newbie in the blogging world in trying to do just that X #bighugs X

  4. Please don't change! I find your style really refreshing, and it clearly resonates with so many people - that's why you're so popular. It's working, you don't need to change it. I think the whole breast and bottle-feeding debate is so difficult and emotionally-charged, no matter what you say, someone's not going to be happy. Unfortunately, it's those unhappy, unpleasant comments that we remember, not the loads of people who would have been so happy to read that post. Please keep blogging they way you do.
    Also, I read your post while on the phone to my dad. Your comment about your husband made me giggle when he was telling me about something serious... whoops!

  5. Aw Em don't change, people would definitely stop reading your blog. We all love it just as it is....that's the genuine, normal people who accept that it's ok to not agree with one another all the time, in fact it's healthy. Oh and by the way, my alter ego is Britney so soz, already taken ;) X X

  6. Keep on writing and doing what you do exactly as you do it now because you're fabulous. Oh, and I'm so looking forward to seeing your husband and pointing him in the direction of this post...xx

  7. Emma, please don't change. Keep doing what you do which is saying exactly what comes into your head. It's why people love you, read your blog and agree with you. Don't ever change x

  8. Not going to lie I'd never read your blog before but so no idea about the bottle feeding post.

    What I will say is that this post was well written and really rather funny! Providing your husband doesn't read it then it might be grounds for divorce 😁

    Keep doing what you're doing!! People will read your blog for you! Pretending to be someone else always goes tits up in the long run.

    If nothing else you've got yourself a new reader 👍🏻



  9. I think you're a brave woman for doing what you do. Sure, I write the stuff, but my readership is tiny and I don't go on TV or in magazines as I'm afraid of the flak (I have had a small number of offers, but I run a mile from them). I even got upset the other day when someone had the cheek to comment on a v cute IG post telling me my Guinea pig's claws needed cutting!
    Keep on being you and keep on being real because that's why we all like you. And if people want to read fake Pinterest-perfect sh*t then they should just go and read another blog! There's no need to be rude to you! X

  10. You are frickin' amazing Brittany! ;-) It's because you have mad skills that so many people read your blog. If someone spends five minutes reading your post, and another ten writing a negative response, that's 15 minutes of THEIR time they've wasted that they could've been secretly eating Penguins in the fridge. (The chocolate variety.) Xxx

  11. Please don't change! You're one of the reasons I started a blog recently! :) I'm very new to it all, it's daunting and I'm still very much finding my own style. I worry tremendously about what I write and feel like I don't have much to write about but it's a learning curve. I enjoy reading your blog as it's real, so funny at times I've literally snorted coffee out at my desk :) but with a daughter of the same age there is a lot I can relate to and its keep me sane on those extra hard days.

    I could relate to the bottle feeding post, I went through it myself. It's always going to be a hot topical debate when really it doesn't have to be - it's a personal choice and women shouldn't be divided by it. At the end of the day most of us are trying to do our best by our children and we should support each other.


  12. I can't imagine what it must be like to have that sort of crap thrown at you and be this strong on the other side of it. I wrote a little post on JO but don't have anything like your readership, but still manages to cop some flack off a silly person on Facebook, and it made me feel like utter crap. I wondered whether I should take the post down, wondered whether I should be blogging at all. So thank you for writing this - you're inspiring me to ignore all that nonsense from silly people and carry on doing the thing I love to do.

  13. I love your blog, it reminds me that we are just Mum's trying to get by the best we can, none of us are perfect (and if you saw my son's animal costume for school today I clearly fall into that category) but we try. I do however think you have a camera looking into my house as you describe my life quite often! Thank you for being willing to say what a lot of us are thinking.

  14. You are who you are, Em, and you should never change that. What's the old saying about not being able to please all of the people all of the time? You make so many of us laugh and if that means rubbing the odd person up the wrong way, so be it.

  15. I love your blog. So much so I've even messaged you on FB is n the past ( and I never do that to people I don't know!)
    I didn't read any blogs until I became a Mum and searched out answers on every tiny bit of having a baby, as you do. After seeing the fighting on mumsnet and netmums and other places, which was terrifying, I found that there isn't any point in trying to please everyone. The more honest posts I read with supportive comments, there were just as many picky, vicious, condescending and just rude comments.
    Before baby, I saw a lot of it on music forums and found equally divisive comments and posts on topics varying from which band was better/what year/which haircut blah blah blah and this was mainly amongst men posting.
    It seems that putting your opinion in a public forum give people cart Blanche to say whatever the hell they want, regardless of how rude or hurtful it may be to read. Some seem to do it to try to take the poster down a peg or two, if it looks like a post is really popular!
    Some just disagree and have to tell you. Some I'd hate to work with in real life as I'd probably avoid them like the plague! Or day dream about smashing them in the face with my computer keyboard.
    I'm pretty sure there are far more people that enjoy what you post than not. And those that don't like it can poke it.
    You are free to post what you want and people are free to respond.
    I have nothing in common with you, all the things that made me BB ( before baby) are totally different; music, clothes, tv shows, taste in fellas but the way you write really speaks to me. And your Mum posts mean something to me now I'm a mum too. And I've always been a Boots, Primark and Poundland junkie ��
    If blogging makes you happy, then keep bloomin well doing it. You're awesome x

  16. Being yourself can be pretty hard when part of who you are is a decent person with feelings... But I think YOU are the core selling point of your blog, and why you have so many devoted followers, so don't give up saying what you think. Although also, don't feel you have to put your neck on the block just to keep us "say what you thinkers" happy ;-).

  17. Britney is boring, and too skinny--in fact, she looks older than she is. You are lovely, and funny, and kind. Your blog is for you, and there will always be lots of people who agree with you or who can relate even if lots can't relate. xxx

  18. I love your blog Emma - your lovely, hilarious personality shines out of it and it's a testament to what a fab person you are that so many 1000s of people read it. Your writing is fab, spot on about mummy life and the people who are mean are not worthy of your concern. Love you lady! xxx


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