Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Most Beautiful Sight

As it's Mother's Day soon I have been thinking a lot about my two. Lots of friends on Facebook have had babies recently and I've been feeling really broody. When I look back on pictures of my children over the years what I am drawn to is their eyes. Those big, blue pools of innocence that can so easily fill with tears at the drop of a hat or crease up when they do a big belly laugh as they have called me a "poo nose". My girl can give me a gaze which means I always give in to buying her another Shopkin and my son just has to give his Nan a look which results in another bar of chocolate.

How can I be cross with them big blue beauts?

When you first have a baby it can be quite hard as they sleep a lot during the day. When they look at you they kind of stare into the middle distance. Focussing on the most random of things when all you want is them to notice you. As they get older? You will notice them following you around the room with their eyes and that first eye contact you make with them? Magical.

Nothing finer than a gorgeous creased laughing face!

Vision Direct have developed a Baby Sight Tool that enables you to see what it's like through a babies eyes. Charting the first 12 months of their life you can see how their first blurred views develop into full and glorious technicolour images. So if you are beginning to wonder when on earth this little person who you carried round in your belly for 9 months is going to do the decent thing and look at you? Give them a few months...and then wait a few years for those big eyes to make you let them get away with murder!

Baby Sight

This post was written in collaboration with Vision Direct

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