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10 Reasons You Should Go To Camp Bestival

I am pleased to announce that I will be attending Camp Bestival as one of their bloggers again this summer. Last year the weather was glorious, the Pimms was flowing and I danced to rave music whilst my kids did the limbo and my husband looked on baffled. So here are the best things about Camp Bestival if you are considering booking up and taking your family on an amazing Outer Space adventure!

Attention To Detail
From the second you enter the site you will be bowled over by the attention to detail of each and every stall, stand, tent and bar. You will find brightly coloured flags, beautiful sequinned umbrellas to sit under and get shade from, magical areas that looked like they were straight out of children's books, inflatable churches and even some of the toilets looked amazing. This year the theme is Outer Space and I can't wait to see how they tackle it.

We don't camp at the site (wusses!), we stay 25 minutes in Weymouth so any food we want to eat will be brought on site. The choice last year was brilliant and this year the food section is entitled 'The Feast Collective'. With names such as 'Pimp My Ramin', 'Polar Pops' and what I already KNOW will be my favourite 'The Chocolate Bear Kitchen' I am sure I will put on a few pounds...but it's OK as it will all drop off with my amazing Mum dancing.

You can't have a festival without a cheeky drinky or three. And as the weather was so perfect last year it would have been rude not to indulge in a few frozen cocktails. They were around £7 which obviously is a little pricey if you plan on drinking them all night but was fine for the odd treat. There were plenty of bars around and we never had to queue to long. However I'm not sure what this was like on the night time as we were happily tucked in bed.

Free Kids Fun
Last year I was really impressed with the amount of free kids fun around the site. My two enjoyed bouncing on a bouncy castle in the sun, listening to stories being read to them by Mr Nice himself Howard Marks and the Hello Kitty area? Was a triumph! This year Mr Tumble is in attendance as well as Dick and Dom. This kids will beside themselves. 

Fair Rides
If you wanted to spend a bit of cash on fun there was the odd fair ride dotted around. Not too pricey and based on the traditional rides such as the Helter Skelter which my two (and my husband) loved. This year? There is an insect circus and I can't wait to see what that is like (I am imagining fleas lifting weights).

Educate Yourself
I am a teacher and therefore a huge massive geek. So if there are any times when my two can be educated? I get super involved and probably embarrass them massively. Last year my girl made a brilliant necklace out of recycled paper and the Sunday afternoon? Was spent inside a tent listening to dance music whist she learnt how to make paper crowns. We all got one! Whether you wanted to wear it or not.

I have been to a few festivals and found that the toilets are grim. However At Camp Bestival I found on the whole that the toilets were clean, the queues were relatively short and my daughter really loved using the environmentally friendly loos that meant you had to pop compost on top. It blew her mind. We didn't need a changing table (we just did it in the great outdoors) but I did spot a dedicated baby changing area.

It was SUPER hot over the weekend last summer which I find always produces grumpy kids and stressed Mums. But dotted around there were activities that meant you could keep out of the sun. We found a lovely tent with giant bean bags were we could sit and read for a bit (or I lay and watched the other half read for a bit). Also we spent a good few hours doing the limbo at the indoors kids disco.

Beautiful Surroundings
I have to mention again just how beautiful Camp Bestival is. Not only is it set within the grounds of a gorgeous castle but round every new corner there is something else that makes you catch your breath, get out your camera and take an instagram. 

As I was lucky enough to be a Camp Bestival Blogger I got to meet up with some of my blogging buddies whilst I was there. It was amazing to spend time with BonitaCaro and Aby. We enjoyed the odd drinky and chat. And Bontia and I? Did some cool moves to Wham at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. I can't wait to catch up with them again and show our Mum dancing off.

If you want to take an adventure to Outer Space then why not book Camp Bestival tickets for you and your family to enjoy the likes of Fat Boy Slim, KT Tunstall, and wait for it BANANARAMA all in the beautiful setting of Lulworth Castle, Dorset from 28-31 July. See you there! 



  1. It sounds so fun, but we're having our annual friends' camping trip the following weekend and don't think I could manage that much camping in one week.

    1. Oh blimey now that would be a lot of camping! Hope you have fun though love! x

  2. We are normally on our holiday in Purbeck when Camp Bestival is on, and every year I think we should go, but my husband just isn't interested. Maybe I should just turn up on my own and leave the children with him for the day. Obviously all for the purpose of meeting up with bloggers.


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