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5 Ways To Save Your Social Media Sanity

If you are a normal rational human being this post may not be for. If you can create a Pinterest board about 'Party Ideas For Girls', then instagram a shot of your feet on a ceramic floor whilst happily looking at what your friends get up to on Facebook? You win at life! Please feel free to move on and carry on being all lovely and normal like. This post is for people like me. Maniacs. People that on the outside appear confident and aces but on the inside are waking up at 2am to check how many likes a Facebook post is getting and watching Twitter arguments from the sidelines, rubbing their hands with glee. It's not big. It's not clever. So here are a few ways I am trying to save my social media sanity and not become a slave to my iPhone.

Allotted Bans
Sometimes I ban myself from looking at social media. Yep. I have to actually ban myself. There are a few clever apps around where you can set a timer so you truly can't check if a random ex boyfriends girlfriend is pretty. But I am not at that stage yet. After 8pm I leave my phone in the kitchen. I have started to put my phone on airplane mode if I need to get some work done. Also if I am out on a day with the family. It has made me far more productive and good news! My husband doesn't want to leave me anymore!

Facebook Groups
I was in LOADS of Facebook groups. I am still in about two or three but the notifications are muted so I can dip in when and as I please. The thing is with Facebook groups is that whatever walk of life you are...could be a blog group, or a local Mum's group or even one about your local area. There will ALWAYS be a bit of a row going on at some point. And I? Ruddy love a row. So I would spend the evening like a weird Facebook voyeour watching a row unfold about something totally pointless. I would lose HOURS of my life. So now? I don't look at them. I'm sad about this. I miss them but? I get to go to bed and not be wound up.

Accept Jealousy
It's hard not to be jealous. It's human nature and it is something that we all struggle with. Especially in a highly competitive and quite vocal industry. You can become friends with people who are trying to do the same thing as you and well? Just doing it a whole lot better (the gits). So if this is something you really struggle with. How about muting them on Twitter for a bit? Hide their news feed. Don't think "Oh I will just pop over and see what so and so is up to". Try and think about the people who look up to you and think "well done you're smashing it" and just focus on what you're trying to achieve. It's hard but can be done. Kinda.

Step Away From The Phone
Now I don't want you to give it up but I do think that it is a really good idea to do things that aren't related to social media. That aren't related to being stuck to your screen. That involve people not in the same industry as you. Two of my closest friends at work (I also teach) are men. When I tell them about my blog achievements? They enjoy the process of bringing me down a peg or two (for example when I was the no1 post on The Huffington Post last year? They went though the whole list saying who by rights should have beaten me. Thanks lads!). There is a world away from your laptop and phone. And people who get annoyed when you instagram their tea. Imagine? Fools!

If this doesn't get 439 likes? I'm going to punch myself IN THE FACE!

Get Some Perspective
Stats, likes, followers are really important if you want to be a successful blogger. There is no way around it. So I could go "HEY F*CK ALL THAT AND JUST ENJOY THE RIDE" but I would be lying. But try your very hardest to get some perspective and remind yourself why you do what you do. High five yourself for your amazing achievements. Whether it being getting 100 twitter followers or 10,000. If you worry when you post something on social media why not post it and do something else for 15 minutes? Read a book, make a cup of tea, watch Made in Chelsea. Although it sometimes seems it? A person is not a better human just because 25K follow them on instagram.

Look I'm not perfect. There will be times when I lie in bed looking at people I wish I was thinking "CURSE YOU WHY CAN'T I BE YOU???". But I am getting better and at least when you go a bit cray and start stalking someones Facebook likes you can think "Ah at least Emma's just as bat sh*t as me".


  1. Thank you for this blog! I am new to blogging and every follower on insta and Twitter is like gold. I find myself constantly looking. I am early awaiting my very first comment on one of my blog posts but I need to stop obsessing hopefully it will come in time! Thank you for your vlogs and blogs! They keep me sane during the night feeds!

  2. Thanks! You've just made me feel a whole lot better about myself! I thought I was a social media addict, but I realise I'm actually only scratching the surface. I've never watched an argument unfold or checked stats in the middle of the night! I'm feeling smug now, although to all the non-bloggers on the world, particularly my own family, I'm still an addict!

  3. Yep, I sit on my phone of an evening scrolling through Instagram, pinning stuff, looking at Facebook, whilst my hubby sits on the other sofa watching crappy youtube videos. Every now and then we tell each other off and vow to have a phone free weekend. I once switched off Facebook for six months, I didn't have a phone (this was 2011) and it did me no harm. But when blogging it's a different story.
    I try to stay off social media in the evening, switched off notifications and don't have mobile data on outdoors (still pay as you go old-skool).
    Great post Emma, you are awesome! Sarah

  4. Can totally relate! I'm just new to blogging and seem to be spending more time on social media looking at other people's stuff (like yours haha!) and before I know it an hour has passed and I've achieved nothing. My new rule: before I pick up ANYTHING, what's my goal for that hour? Because my daughter's naptime won't allow for anything more than that. Thanks for sharing and inspiring xx

  5. I loved this and just knew you'd mention FB groups. I have to just take social media with a pinch of salt now. I try not to get wound up by things and if I do I walk away for a bit! x

  6. I never put my phone down. But I am single and with two teenagers who never put theirs down either! A social family we are... I feel like I'm missing something if I don't look at it for 2 minutes, I like you read the rows on Facebook on my local village community page mostly , I'm not a massive fan of Facebook anymore, but look none the less, I do need to have time off it as if nothing else my eyes are starting to strain. Great post

  7. Brilliant post! I'm in a constant battle with myself over my use of social media (especially how much time I spend on my phone) and I'm always berating myself for using it too much. I do sometimes turn it off in the evening but it doesn't always work. Like you say, it's those Facebook groups, there is always something new to read. Sometimes my husband will go into my battery usage and horrify me with how many hours I've spent on Facebook that week.

  8. Thanks for posting this. I feel better already! I definitely have social media envy, especially on Instagram - people I follow have such creative and beautiful pictures! I can't help but judge myself.
    You're such an inspiration Em. I've been reading your blogs from the very start, and you always bring it back down to Earth :-) xx Alicia

  9. Great post Emma. I have started the process of leaving some Facebook group. I already have the notifications turned off, but my feed is still filled with too much blogging (and I get frustrated when one person posts the same thing in seven different groups). I'm working on no screen time after 11pm which means I can no longer do searches on everything last night thought I have, but it is probably a good thing.


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