A Mini Easter Adventure

We are huge fans of Hatton Adventure World and go most holidays. This Easter I took my two along to their Spring Spectacular. It was a beautiful, sunny day and despite there being a lot of people there (as you can imagine during a school holiday), we never once felt that we were queueing for rides or felts squashed in the world's best soft play (as chosen by me, in my head).

What I love about Hatton is that it is a really interactive experience. My two love going around and feeding the farm animals. Of course my five year old adored sitting and petting a guinea pig who literally was an exact doppelgänger for our own guinea pig at home. Strange little human that she is.

The fair is always a huge hit and with some great kiddy rides Hatton is definitely aimed at the younger age bracket. I would advise that you bring along wellies though as it gets quite muddy. And spare bottoms may be an idea as the bouncy castle was a bit damp! There were a few new features at the park (or maybe we had just not noticed them before) and my two loved petting the shetland ponies and screaming next to a few dinosaurs.

Hatton always go full out for decorations (see my Halloween vlog here for proof) and at Easter it is no different. There were festive wooden cut outs around the park. As well as a rabbit hunt where your kiddos can go and collect wooden eggs and exchange them for chocolate eggs and a cuddle from a giant rabbit. This was definitely the highlight of our day! We didn't get around to seeing the magic show or any of the animal shows. But from prior experience they are always good fun and well organised.

The Hatton Adventure World Spring Spectacular is open until 10th April so there is plenty of time to grab the family (and your wellies!) and go and pet a guinea that could potentially look EXACTLY like your guinea pig at home.
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