Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Five Things My Five Year Old Loves About Stagecoach

At the start of the year my five year old was asked to take part in a term at Stagecoach Theatre Arts classes. I was a little bit apprehensive as the last time she took ballet classes alone she used to scream blue murder and we had to give up after a fortnight. But after an initial wobble? She now adores it and is back for term two. I asked her why she enjoyed the classes there each week and here's what she said...

She is happy to be in a group of little friends each week. Fortunately there is a little girl from the pre-school class at her school but she has settled in making new friends. As they are all the same age group as my girl she doesn't feel intimidated and enjoys having fun with them.

Time Alone
SOB! She loves having an hour and a half away from her family. Not in a negative way but in a way which means that this is something just for her. Not with her brother, who at three can often be found launching at her head screaming something about "poo". Here she is an individual and I have really noticed her confidence grow since attending classes.

New Skills
My girl has always loved dancing and singing but she has also really enjoyed the acting element of the 90 minutes class. She often comes home telling me a little poem that she has learnt. She has become quite confident in repeating them back and loves to put on little shows for us (even if they are in the middle of a busy restaurant and at the top of her voice).

Singing and Dancing
As well as the drama my girl LOVES singing and dancing. It appears that they do warm up exercises to Little Mix (which is her all time favourite) and I know that she loves running around and keeping fit. She wears black leggings, pumps and a Stagecoach Theatre Arts t-shirt as her uniform and she loves running and jumping in it.

The Show!
At the end of each term parents are invited in to go and watch a little show. We watched a short show with my girls age range and a few of the older, more experienced pupils. IT WAS ADORABLE! It was lovely to see her listening to instructions and I know that she was so happy to have her family come and watch what she has been up to each week. I will be honest? Her dancing to Lion King made me hardcore weep and I can't wait to see what she does next time.

I will write a few more posts on the girl's progress throughout her second term but whilst you wait for that pop over to the Stagecoach Theatre Art Classes website to find out more about how your little one can join in!


  1. This sounds amazing! I love reading about kids doing dance and drama and it sounds like she is really thriving there. It is nice for them to have something for themselves and time away from siblings too.
    My daughter did a trial at Stagecoach and enjoyed it. It's something she may go back to when we've worked out which dance classes she is willing to give up so we can fund it!

    1. Oh my girl LOVES it so so much. She was a bit reluctant at first but not really loves going each week! And of course she likes showing off a bit x

  2. I love this she is so cute! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to go along to classes, not that I'm wishing the time away, though.

    When I was little I did drama and tap lessons and really loved showing off to my family. I think, deep down, all kids want to put on a show for their parents (even if it is in the middle of a busy restaurant).


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