Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Five Ways To Prepare For Disney On Ice

I will let you into to a secret. My name is Emma. I am 38 and I am a Disney addict. Yep. When I was younger I was never really bothered but since having children I have become a little obsessed. We are off to Walt Disney World next year. So it was amazing to get the kids all excited by paying a little trip to the Disney On Ice 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration Tour, when it visited the Genting Arena in Birmingham recently.

The trip was a complete surprise for my two (check out the big reveal in my vlog at the bottom of the post). The whole thing made my Mummy heart weep. Magical. As we have been a few times I thought I would chat about five things you should probably know before visiting Disney On Ice and things to consider before booking your tickets...

1. The Stage
Disney On Ice is set in the centre of the whatever arena it is at. So when you are considering tickets try not to worry too much if you are at the back. There is no back really as you sit all around it. There are better seats at the front if you fancy a treat? But you can see the action pretty clearly everywhere.

2. Preparation!
The Silver Celebration has long sections of vintage Disney in the form of Peter Pan and The Lion King. It would be a good idea to see what films are featured before to ensure that your little ones recognise the songs and the characters. If they go expecting Toy Story and Woody doesn't come out? They may be disappointed!

3. OOTD 
You will find that most of the children that go to Disney On Ice are fully dressed up. It's adorable to see a million little Elsa and Anna's. This time round I put my two in Disney inspired clothes which were kindly sent from Courage and Kind. The girl went with an Alice theme and the boy, The Jungle Book. You can buy ears, wands and flags whilst you are there but they are quite pricey! So you may want to bring some props along.

4. Treats
You have to embrace that the treats on offer at Disney On Ice are quite expensive. It is £8 for popcorn (that does come in a little Disney bag) and £10 for a slush puppy that comes in a souvenir cup. If you don't mind forking out for something that the kids can keep then that's fine. However it may be an idea to pack a few snacks and treats you have brought from the high street if you want to save a few quid. Primark and Poundland do some great bits and bobs.

5. What To Expect!
The show is beautiful. It starts with Mickey and co and then you have huge chunks of The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Frozen. There is snow, there is fire and of course there are amazingly talented skaters. I spent a good majority of the times singing at the top of my voice. My son loved the pirates and my daughter pointed out that "the fish can't be real fish as they have legs but that is definitely the real Ariel". Brilliant.

The Disney On Ice Silver Anniversary Celebration is travelling around the country for the next month so go and check out if it's coming somewhere near you soon. Check out the vlog below if you want a better feel of what it's like to go and watch it with two small children! Oh the many many weeps.


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