Monday, 9 May 2016

Festival Fun With PEP&CO

This summer we are returning to Camp Bestival with the kids and one of my favourite things about it last year was dressing them up in festival chic. You know the kinda thing I would love to wear but couldn't quite carry it off. New clothes brand PEP&CO invited me in to do a haul and when I spotted their huge kids range? I knew this was my chance to invest in all things floral, aztec and summery for my pair.

The dress in the first photo combines my two favourite things, stripes and flowers. It is a lovely long length and quite floaty so will be ideal if the weather during August is warmer (please let it be warmer). For my boy's first outfit I chose a green hoody out of the loads of different coloured options. I paired these with some blue chino shorts and this amazing 'Wild Child' thin t-shirt.

As soon as I walked through the kids section I spotted this amazing retro style top for my son. I LOVED it so much I popped it in my basket asap. Again I would pair this with chino shorts or perhaps a pair of denim ones. My daughter is a huge fan of skirts and I thought this paisley one would look good at Camp Bestival and throughout the summer. I chose a little floaty lilac top but there were plenty of others in store that would have matched. Including t-shirts or super cheap vests.

You can't see it here but this blue aztec dress has lovely button detailing all down the back and if PEP&CO did this in an adult size? I would for sure be popping one on. At five you can just about wear matching clothes with your Mummy. Past that point? I think my daughter may disown me.

Next I chose this really brightly coloured aztec patterned top and paired it with some cropped hot pink leggings from the large selection in store. It's not something I would usually pick but I knew she would love it. For my boy I opted for a breton stripe (I LOVE a breton stripe) and as there is a pool at the festival I picked him up some Spider-Man swimming shorts.

I wasn't really to sure of what to expect when I visited my local PEP&CO in West Bromwich but I was impressed with the wide range of kids clothes on offer. You can pick up simple t-shirts for £1.50 and leggings for around £2.50. The dresses, which look so beautiful on, were around £7 and tops for £4. If you're looking for lovely outfits for your kids on a budget or if you know they are going to get dirty with mud, ice cream and the general wear and tear of the summer holiday definitely visit a PEP&CO near you.

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  1. I've recently visited Pep & Co for the first time and LOVED it. Can't believe how much of a bargain their clothes are! I didn't look at the children's wear too much as I was shopping for me but after reading this I need to head back!

  2. I haven't heard of Pep & Co, but I'm sure my daughter would love some of those clothes. I've never been to a festival so no idea what would I wear, although I did see lots of pictures of people in tails recently - is that what you wear?

  3. How have I not heard of this?! Gorgeous clothes, beautifully modelled, I will have to visit soon! x

  4. Oooo I'm going to camp bestival this year for the first time!!! Taken a 3 year old boy. Do you have any newbie tips? Xx

  5. ooooo Pep and Co have just recently opened in our town. I love the look of the kids clothes, so I think a trip with the 10 year old sounds good x


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