I Need A Little Time

Us Mum's always moan about having 'me time'. Mainly because we never ever get it. When we do it is always to do something fun like putting the washing away or popping out to the supermarket. Inevitably nights planned out are cancelled due to small children getting chicken pox and we end up grumpy and cross with our other halves for no reason. So this week? I made sure I took a little time out for me and went and got my hair cut at The Andrea Beers Hair Salon, Barnt Green.

"Do you want to get your hair treated and cut for a review?" must have been one of the most glorious emails I have received in quite a while. I did a small dance and replied back "HELL YEAH!". The Andrea Beers Hair Salon is set in a lovely part of the Midlands. A quaint little village around 30 minutes from where I live and it made me want to leave my inner city pad immediately. What you first notice upon arrival is that the decor inside is beautiful.

With giant gilded mirrors, fantastic light fittings and a plush relaxing area it is perfect for a bit of Mummy 'me time' and beats any super cuts you may find yourself dashing into mid week. I sat down and had a gorgeous Olapex hair treatment on one of those dead fancy chairs that massages you. The aim of the treatment was to take your hair back to it's natural swishy state (I think that's a technical term) and it smelt beautiful.

Next it was time to have my hair cut by the lovely lady herself, the salon's owner, Andrea. I was super excited as during her career she has received a stack of accolades and I felt safe that she wasn't going to make me look insane. In the end I went for quite a bit of length cut off and a Caroline Flack wavy bob. The cut itself was actually quite quick as she had an assistant helping her which was great if you are in a rush. She used some lovely gorgeous products and also as she went through she gave me top tips on how to wave my hair which was really helpful. I even managed to go to work the next day with the style totally in tact! Now that's magic.

The Andrea Beers Hair Salon is lovely for a nice Mum treat. There are various offers in store if you check out their site here. I highly recommend a visit and will definitely be returning soon. The staff were friendly, I had a little snooze whilst getting my head massaged and enjoyed a drink in peace and quite. What more can you ask for?

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