Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Husband And His Power Washer Love Affair

My husband is not a huge fan of the blog. He moans about it. He doesn't like being in videos. And then? We get the chance to review the VAX PowerWash 2200W Complete Pressure Washer. And he quickly changes his mind. When it arrived at the door I thought his head was going to pop off. As my husband has a dirty secret. He is obsessed with power washers. He borrows his Mother's ALL the time and now? He has one of his very own. It's like his third child.

The Vax PowerWash 2200w Complete Pressure Washer comes with a lots of bits and bobs (which made him even more excited). It has a patio kit, car cleaning kit and two handy solutions to clean with. It's a heavy duty pressure washer ideal for cleaning large cars, caravans, motorcycles and bikes. But what we will mainly be using it for is the paved areas in the garden. We have slate at the back and a paving slabs at the front. And we sit at both of them on sunny days so we always like them to look nice and clean.

The love affair begins...

He cracked out the heavy duty washer immediately to clean down our garden furniture. We were thinking of replacing them but now we have given them a good clean they should be OK for one more summer. We next swapped to the large circular patio brush which cleans large flat surfaces really easily so had a quick go at the paving slabs. There is also an outdoor brush which we can use to tackle the dirty plant pots we have knocking about.

It comes with a 10m hose but we the hose we currently have is a little bit too short so we need to make sure we buy a bigger one. This will mean that we will be able to use it at the front of our house and try out the Vax Powerwash 2200w Complete Power Washer car cleaning kit. The extra tools can easily tackle super dirty places on the car like the wheels and grill as it has a 360 rotary brush. More sensitive areas like the mirrors can be cleaned with the car brush.

Overall my husband really enjoyed using the power washer. He found it easy to swap the brushes and can't wait to use the solutions to give the garden a really good clean. We will be popping out to get a larger hose but what I will say it is not ideal to have it on whilst you've got small children in the garden. Not only will the water knock them off their feet it they accidentally turn it on but there is also a lot of hoses and wires. So it's best to do it when you've got an afternoon to yourself. Which my husband intends to do tomorrow. He is beside himself! If you're interested go to the VAX site and read more about the VAX PowerWash 2200w Complete Pressure Washer.


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  1. Ha ha, I can relate to this so much! My husband also dislikes my blog, but also really, really likes power washers! He borrows one from his colleague to blast stuff clean every now and then. I know he'd love one of his own really. I'm sure the boys would love it too, although I can't guarantee they wouldn't use it to blast each other!


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