Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wicked Wednesdays 11th May

Hello! And welcome to this weeks Wicked Wednesdays! I hope you have had a lovely seven days. Not much to report here. Just the general mania of owning two small children. The never ending attending of the kids parties. My girl is being a bit 'interesting' recently so any top tips for getting her to sit still and not try and kill her brother would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much to everyone that linked up last week. If you know any new bloggers that want to get involved let them know! I noticed there was loads of commenting which was amazing. My favourites were a guilty dog from Porridge and Parenting, bath time from Sons Sand And Sauvignon and some wonderful crafting from Threesy Peasy. Thanks for joining in guys! As per usual link up, comment on mine and go and spread the commenting love on everyone else's! Also anyone going to Tots100 blog camp? Leave in the comments if you are so I can come say "Hi!".

Linky Rules
  • Firstly. Please add my special badge of my daughter weeping when I said she looked like Pat Butcher.
  • The linky requires no words. We've not got the time really have we? But feel free to write a few lines if you wish. I think no words is sometimes even funnier. We can make our own stories up then!
  • It will run from Wednesday early morning till Friday late evening. But feel free to link up any old photos from other weeks. One per person.
  • I will comment on each one and if you include my twitter handle (follow me here) and #wickedwednesdays I will share your comedy picture. 
  • Try and comment on as many as you can, let's say two would be a good minimum. But the more you comment on? The more will comment back. FACT.
  • If you also hashtag your piccy #wickedwednesday on Instagram (follow me here) I will regram a few favourites each week with your handle and hopefully you will get some new followers.
  • That's it! It's just a bit of a giggle really. Enjoy!
This blurred stair tantrum was captured by my five your old on Daddy's camera!




  1. I really look forward to WIcked Wednesdays! Thanks for hosting something that gives me a good chuckle and actually doesn't take me a million hours to write a post for ;) #WickedWednesdays

  2. The stairs tantrums confuse the hell out of me.
    I've tried it myself, its not at all comfortable, why the mini people enjoy it is beyond me!


  3. My picture has come up all weird Em,can I delete it somehow and try and link up again please?

  4. It's a very dramatic pose! Maybe he will be an actor!! Thanks for hosting xx

  5. Any place suits for a tantrum - You got to love them x thanks for hosting, really enjoy this Linky xx

  6. Any place suits for a tantrum - You got to love them x thanks for hosting, really enjoy this Linky xx

  7. Best tantrums are had on the stairs! My Small Boy is always sitting there having one! Ha ha! Thanks for hosting!

  8. You are training your daughter well! I think shes just so happy to be not the star of #wickedwednesdays anymore =P

  9. Haha, that look on his face! Got to love a good stair tantrum. Not tips for the not killing each other - I've similar issues here!

  10. hahaha! Well done your girl.
    My girls always seem to have tantrums on the stairs. Ugh!

  11. Ahhh, the stair tantrum. We haven't had one of those for a while. Love that your daughter is snapping away - I've been known to do that too! x

  12. Haha your girl in the making of a blogger ;) #wickedWednesdays

  13. Are we getting the first introduction to mini wicked Wednesdays run by Erin? xx


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