5 Ways To Become Your Own Blogs PR Person

You may have started your blog as you want to write for yourself and it is an outlet for you and your thoughts but then it may come to a point where it may become a little bit more than that. You may want to work with brands or attend launches of products. You may want you work to be seen by more than just your blogger chums and would adore to see your views printed in the press. So this is the time? To become your own PR person.

There is no-one who knows you better than you. There is no-one who knows how amazing you are more than you. But it's hard. As British people we are used to not really shouting about our great bits we are more used to joking about our rubbish bits. So here are five things that I have done which have helped me to work with brands including McDonalds, attend the opening of Warner Bros Harry Potter tour (Rod Stewart was also there, me and Rod hanging out...OK so he walked past me) and how I got a column in a magazine (OK so one column but my Mum was proud!).

Have A Fab Blog
There are bloggers whose blog is based on reviews. They understand SEO and get 100,000 of views each month. That's not me. I generally do one review a week. And for every review I like to have other content either side of it. So for me a review really means three pieces of work. So think about what you want. Do you want your blog to be review based or do you want reviews to slot in amongst all the other stuff you write about? Brands are more like going to want to work with a kick ass blog that has a purpose than someone who isn't putting much effort it but would love free sh*t.

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Make A Media Pack
It's a really good idea to make a media pack. There are a few on Pinterest that you can use for inspiration. Generally I include stats, any exciting things I may have done (if you've been front page of Mumsnet include that), a photo of me and the family and a bit about my blog. Every few months I change it as every few months your stats will go up (for example Twitter followers).

Email PRs
This can be scary. But it's really good practice to find out the PR contact of companies you like and send them your media pack with a "I would LOVE to work with you". Tell them what you could offer them. Would it be a review? Or a box opening on your YouTube channel? A lot of the time they won't reply. And that's fine but they may put you on a list. Or use you for something else. Always be polite and friendly. Rude and ungrateful may get you kicked off the same list and you don't want that do you?

Place Your Achievements On Your Sidebar
I place anywhere the blog has featured on the right hand side bar. It could be a local newspaper. It could be netmums or Tots100 Good Reads. I shove them on the side and then if a PR visits the blog? It's there ready and waiting to excite them.

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Put Yourself Out There
You may not be about the reviews. You may be all about getting your writing seen. I have a few blogger friends who have got national coverage for their writing and subsequently got book deals. I KNOW ACTUAL BOOK DEALS IMAGINE! So if you have a great post tweet @mumsnetbloggers and try and get it on their front page. Maybe upload it to The Huffington Post or try another way to get into the national press.

Now get out there and start flogging yourself about!
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