Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Being Part Of Team JOHNSON'S® At BritMums Live 2016!

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along by JOHNSON'S® to attend the fifth annual blogging conference BritMums. Not only did I get to hang out with the JOHNSON'S® team and check out their fab range of products but I also had the chance to catch up with some of my lovely friends and spend the night away from the kids. I know! I actually got a bit of 'me time'. It was amazing!

I arrived in London on Friday evening after a super busy day at work and had dinner with my good friend Elfa and my sister Claire. Next I checked into Malmaison London which was amazing! Let's just say when a man came to bring me breakfast in a box on Saturday morning? I lost my tiny mind.

I then walked to The Brewery where the event was being held with a few other members of 'Team JOHNSON'S® as I liked to call them. Including Sharon from Teen Tween Toddler and Kerry from Oh So Amelia. We then got to meet the JOHNSON'S® crew where the filled us in on what is going on with the brand at the moment. JOHNSON'S® products have that smell don't they? The glorious smell of new born babies. And when I checked out their stand and had a good old sniff of some of the product's like their NO MORE TEARS® Baby Shampoo it took me right back to my new Mum days.

The stand itself revolved around the senses. What small children can see, hear, feel and smell. It was fascinating to see just how blurred a tiny baby's sight is. I also loved the JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME app which is available and helps Mum's get their tots into a good bedtime routine. There were lullabies available on it specifically chosen for women to sing from countries all over the world. It was fascinating and something I would have loved to have had available in that first exhausting year of being a parent. I got a bit wistful thinking of the chance to do baby massage with the JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil and singing to a brand new little one. Sob.

After spending time at the stand I then went onto to enjoy all the usually BritMums fun. Taking a look around other brands, bumping into faces that I've only ever chatted on social media and hanging out with friends I have met in the past two and a half years of blogging. Highlights included prosecco and floral headbands with Becky from Spirited Puddle Jumper and Hayley from Shutterflies, having a half naked oiled man on one side of me and Carol Smilie on the other and also listening to amazing talks with Jenny from Lets Talk Mommy on SEO and creativity.

I would like to say thanks to my sponsors JOHNSON'S®. It was brilliant to be able to be associated and hear about such a well known brand that is synonymous with babies around the world. Even though my two are three and five they still enjoy JOHNSON'S® Baby Bath. I 'may' sometimes (OK all the time) steal a bit and try and have a little bit of 'me time' in the lavender scent one when I get the chance. It's not as good as a night in a hotel. But it comes close.

Blog post sponsored by the JOHNSON’S® brand. 
The JOHNSON’S® brand paid for me to be able to 
attend Britmums and also provided samples but all opinions are my own.


  1. Lavender Johnson's Baby Bath is THE best bubble bath we have.

  2. It was great to see you Emma, I had a fab time! I still need to write my post X

  3. It was so, so good to see you again Brum, hopefully it won't be a year until the next time x

  4. Sounds like you had a great day. Never been to BML, maybe next year!

  5. Sounds like you had a great day. Never been to BML, maybe next year!


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