Meeting The Babies At Blithbury

My family and I are huge fans of Blithbury Reindeer Lodge. We have visited them at Christmas (which is a must if you live in the Midlands) as well as enjoying their Frozen weekend last year. This time around? We were invited to take a look at their baby reindeer during their 'Meet The Babies' weekend. Unfortunately as is often the case with the British summer it TIPPED it down. But we shoved on our big coats and wellies as we didn't want to miss out on some super cute mini Rudolph's.

Did you know baby reindeers are born in May? Which means that the June is the ideal time to take a peek at the adorable little ones. When we arrived at Blithbury we paid £1 for some reindeer food and went straight into the field to try and feed some. Whilst the parents were more than happy to gobble it all up the babies were a little bit nervous but it was still amazing to be able to get so close to them. Every time I go I am amazed at how clean and beautiful they are up close.

What I love most about Blithbury Reindeer Lodge is that there is always other things going on. So despite the weather, my kids still got to enjoy some fun old school fair games such as throw the hoop on the antler and using bean bags to knock down reindeer heads. There was also a bouncy castle but alas it was a bit too wet to have a jump on it (despite my three year olds attempts to run away and have a crack about forty times). There were also talks about the reindeers and the chance to get up close and stroke one, whilst the handler told us lots of facts about them.

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge do various events throughout the year and it is good to keep an eye out on their website to see what your little ones would like best. There is also a lovely little gift shop as well as a tea room. New for this weekend was the chance to make your own picnic basket up. When you arrive there is a wide range of snacks, sandwiches and drinks on offer that you can pop in cardboard boxes. If the sun shines you can sit on the picnic benches and watch the reindeers and their babies run around next to you. So fingers crossed we will be able to go again when the sun is finally out and my boy can have a jump on that bloomin bouncy castle!

Watch what we got up to at Blithbury on our weekend vlog!
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