Sunday, 12 June 2016

Party Bag Perfect For A Princess

My two are obsessed with Disney. Scrap that. The whole family is. We always listen to Disney tracks and can more often than not be found running around dressed as one of the princesses. I 'may' have an adult Snow White outfit I brought for World Book Day. And yes you are correct I looked an idiot in it. So naturally when it comes to birthday party time often the theme involves 'Disney Princesses'. So when H&A got in touch with us to show us their new Disney hair care product range I knew they would be right up our street.

Focusing on seven Disney Princesses including Cinderella, Belle, Arial and Elsa the range includes your more average products like shampoo and conditioner as well detangler and quick dry spray. As they are hypoallergenic they are ideal for sensitive little heads. H&A also set us the challenge of creating party bags for different princess personalities. So we focused on a child that LOVES Frozen (and let's be honest that's most children) and one that loves the all the other princesses.

Our Frozen themed party bag was in a blue paper bag and included the Frozen shampoo, conditioner, detangler and quick dry spray. The spray is perfect for children with thicker hair as you can pop this serum on wet hair and it will reduce drying time. Ideal if you are in a bit of a rush (and I am always in a bit of a rush). Also included in the bag was a little wand, crown and some pretty pencils. If you had some boys at the party that were more into Olaf than Elsa it may be an idea to include some stickers or a little Olaf notepad.

The second party bag had pretty much the same contents but each product came with a mixture of different characters on it. For example the hypoallergenic shampoo came with Ariel and Jasmine whilst the detangler had Ariel but this time with Rapunzel (my all time favourite). I also thought the H&A Disney Princess range would look amazing in a Disney gift basket which can be given to the birthday girl or boy. You take a pretty box and fill it will all sorts of Disney paraphernalia. And as these are only £2 in Sainsbury's and Tesco they would be another great, and fairly inexpensive, addition.

My pair of gorgeous princesses loved the products and I had to physically restrain a little boy dressed as Belle from spraying it in a five year old Anna's face! We can't wait to use them this evening at bath time and if you are interested in what's on offer in the H&A Disney Hair product range then why not go and take a look.

This post was written in collaboration with H&A

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