Monday, 6 June 2016

SO Thankful For Holiday Extras

I am the Mother of two small children. And Mother's of two small children do not relish the idea of having to travel, on a plane, in the actual sky with them. As we all know they can be quite unpredictable. Before we flew off on our family holiday to Lanzarote this half term,  Holiday Extras got in touch with us and asked if there was anything from their range of 'holiday extras' (see the clue is in the name) that could help make our journey go a bit smoother. I screamed "HELL YEAH THERE IS" and booked my family and I into the Aspire Lounge at Birmingham Airport so we could relax (well as much as you can with a three year old boy) before we flew.

When we arrived at the airport as it was half term it was RAMMED. I had never seen it so busy. We managed check in relatively unscathed but you know that security bit? The queue was over an hour long. Maybe more. But luckily when you book into the lounge you get to join a fast pass queue so we were in within 10 minutes. The lounge is right next to where you enter the departures area so we grabbed our spot and sat down.

First of all we got the kids hooked up to the wifi. Obvs. This calmed them down as they were so manically excited to be spending time with me, their Dad, Nanny San and Grandad Rog. Next we took a look at what was on offer. All food and drink is complimentary when you enter the lounge. The kids were excited to tuck into sandwiches, biscuits and juice whilst my Dad enjoyed the soup and a cheeky alcoholic drink. I can confirm I had a gin. For my nerves.

After around half an hour I decided to pop out to go and look at the duty free. You know just for research purpose and not to spend a small fortune at the make up counter (I spent a small fortune). It was so busy and hectic I was thankful that my two loons were happily watching YouTube and eating their fifth bag of crisps. I think if they had been confined in the middle we may have had more than the odd tantrum on our hands.

Holiday Extras offer lots of different options to make you journey abroad more relaxing. It could be entry into the lounge like we had, or an overnight stay. You can also pop online and book parking as well as taxis to and from the airport you are flying to. Whilst I loved the lounge and it was really nice to treat my parents, I would have paid just to cut out the queue at the beginning of the journey. Older children can hack waiting around but I know full well my two would have lost their tiny minds. So thanks to Holiday Extras for making the start to a wonderful holiday go swimmingly. I owe you one.


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  1. That's awesome! We always check ourselves into a lounge! After we'd done it the first time there was no way we could consider travelling without it. When you take into account that the food and drink is included in the price, it doesn't seem too expensive really.


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