Monday, 20 June 2016

Splashing Around With Konfidence!

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to be asked by kids swimwear company Konfidence to be one of their blogger swimologist ambassadors. The highlight of working with them was to go to Splash Landings at Alton Towers to try out some of their products in one of the countries best indoors swimming pools. So this Father's Day weekend we packed up our towels, wetsuits and secret Dad's Day cards and drove up to have a fantastic mini break away.

Upon arrival at Alton Towers we had a decision to make; either a) have a little rest and relax or b) HIT THE POOL AS SOON AS WE GOT THERE! So obviously we chose b). We're not idiots. We had taken the Konfidence Shortie Children's wetsuits for the kiddos to wear. They are made with the same specification as adult wetsuits. The 3mm of neoprene means that it keeps children warm both in and out of the water. So it was quite easy for them to pop them on and walk from our hotel room to the pool without getting a chill.

My son's is bright blue and my daughter's pink. Which was amazing as Splash Landings? Is one of the busiest pools we have ever been too. So I could easily keep an eye on them whilst they were paddling in the toddler pool. And when Dad went off with the biggest to go on the slides they could find me and the littlest easily. Amongst the hoards of other crazy toddlers running around screaming.

Whilst Splash Landings is mainly based indoors (floating around in an outdoor pool for three minutes doesn't count) we did take these wetsuits away with us on our most recent holiday to Lanzarote. We found that they were great for a hot and sunny day. They provide 100% UV protection from the sun and I always find pools abroad have random lilos and balls flying around, so it was perfect to give them a little bit of body protection. Especially when their Dad decided to throw them around.

My two love the wetsuits and the fit is perfect for them. Even my daughter who has the world's longest legs. They offer full shoulder and upper arm protection and dry relatively quickly either on the balcony in sunnier climes or hanging over the bath in a UK hotel room. I would like to say thanks to Konfidence for their amazing swimwear and I can't wait to take them with us when we hit the British seaside this summer holiday!


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  1. Your two look so cute in their matching wet suits. Love them! x


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