A Little Summer Kids Primark Haul

I have a YouTube channel and I often ask people what they want to see. And pretty much every single time? I have comments saying 'A PRIMARK HAUL!'. People love Primark. Including me. Whilst I mainly get accessories and pyjamas for myself, for my kiddos I get them loads and loads of different outfits. Not only are they bang on trend but also they are cheap so it doesn't matter if they get ruined running around in the garden or when someone inevitably drops an orange juice down the front of them. So when The Fort Shopping Centre, Castle Bromwich, said I could pop over to their giant Primark and pick them some new summer clothes? I jumped at the chance.

For my boy I decided to get him loads of t-shirts. We are off on holiday for nine days soon so I need to make sure that I take a good supply of them as he gets filthy. Because he's 3 and that's just what 3 year olds do. I am slightly obsessed with stripes. I myself own about ten striped tops. When I see them it makes my eyes really happy. So I chose some basic blue short sleeved ones and also a beaut coral one that I kinda wanted for myself.

As a huge fan of Marvel I knew my toddler would adore their range of cartoon catchphrase tops. He also spotted a Star Wars top and pretty much screamed until he got it. I asked him to pick out some shorts and was overjoyed when he chose a pack with striped ones in. But in reality? He really wanted the fluorescent green ones. Which I didn't mind as they will look amazing by the beach...along with a jumper of course as we are off to the British seaside. He also begged for yet another pair of Spiderman crocs. We now have three lots in the house.

For my girl we looked at the dresses and chose some great lightweight pretty ones. To look at them you would never guess they were all around the £4 price range. Teamed with a floral headband and some great sandals she will be all set for a long day at Camp Bestival. It's always a good idea to check sizing though as my daughter is only 5 but often is more suited to the 6/7. I asked her to have a look around and pick one outfit that she couldn't live without and she picked the amazing jumpsuit below. I think jumpsuits are a great alternative to the traditional party dress. When they are off to a softplay with friends it's just easier for her to run around in one.

The Primark at The Fort is one of the best in the Midlands. And believe you me I have tried out them all! It's big, well stocked and doesn't seem quite so hectic as the city centre one. To see the full range of what we brought for just under £50 check out the below haul. 

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