A Marvel-ous Room For My Boy

There comes a time in every small child's life when their Mother takes a look around their bedroom. Gazes over the shabby chic little teddies, runs their fingers over the beautiful crockery 'New Baby' ornaments and realises? That their baby is now 3 and their bedroom needs a total overhaul. This summer? I am binning the floral teddies in favour of going hardcore superhero and giving my boy a room he deserves. That will remain until he is a smelly teen and wants to cover it all in rave posters or something equally awful.

To help me with this process George Home, Asda's home range, asked me to take part in their 'Children's Bedroom Makeover Challenge'. And with an imaginary budget of £400 design a dream room for one of my children. So that's just what I did! My main inspiration for the room was the Marvel rug which can be found in the kids section of the George home site. As soon as my three year old saw it? He demanded I buy it immediately.

Next I chose a brand new big boys bed. I opted for a yellow one as it compliments the colours of Iron Man's mask (now there's a phrase I didn't imagine I would ever say). Bedding wise I went for a plain red duvet but then chose the amazing Spiderman sheet to go underneath it. To go on top of the bed I loved this Marvel pillow which matches the rug and I also saw this great 'E' one in the non kiddy section of the site.

My boy's room is quite small but it is getting more and more full of toys. So I loved this George Home Alfie Storage Cube. Books can go on the blank shelves and his many, MANY Marvel characters can go in the drawers. My son loves dressing up so I thought this blue and red felt box would be brilliant to keep all his superhero outfits together. Quite often I've walked him to find him in full Superman get up, fast asleep.

I loved this brilliant Marvel Avengers beanbag and I thought that a simple red lampshade would be a brilliant addition to the room. Again tying in with those classic superhero colours. Along with the rug my boy also begged for the clock to be included. Yeah he can't tell the time but who cares? However I must not let him work out how to set the alarm as we may end up arising at 3am.

All in all it came to a lot less than the £400 budget and I know that my boy would let out a giant Hulk roar if he came home to this. Why not go and check out the George Home Site yourself for a Marvel-ous room for your little one or search the #GeorgeousRoomChallenge on Twitter for more inspiration. If you're a blogger you can take part in the challenge too and you can find the details here.
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