Thursday, 28 July 2016

How To Put A Tent Up Without Killing Each Other

I am not a camper. I am not a person that relishes the great outdoors. I like to be five foot away from my straighter and enjoy the fresh white sheets of a hotel room. Hotel rooms are my favourite places in the world. Sleeping on the floor is not. But that doesn't mean that I don't want my pair to fully experience camping...even if it is in our own back garden. Millets sent my kiddos and I everything we needed to camp including the Vango Beta 450XL, some EUROHIKE sleeping bags and some fab EUROHIKE chairs. All we needed was? To put the tent up. And here in lay the problem.

We had been planning erecting the tent in our garden for the whole week. It was going to be our quick Saturday morning family activity and then we imagined they would happily play in it all afternoon whilst we sat on our comfy EUROHIKE chairs and maybe had a Pimms or three. It was going to be brilliant. Until we quickly discovered? We don't know how to put a tent up. It was like a sitcom containing two brummies shouting at each other about poles and pegs. It was meant to take 15 minutes.

It took us over two hours. Granted it was as we got hangry half way through and had lunch but we just couldn't work out where we were going wrong. So we did what any sane human does in a predicament? And turned to YouTube. A one minute video later of Scouts putting the tent up with ease meant that we knew EXACTLY what we were doing. Essentially children were better than us at tent making.

Once the Vango Beta was up and the kids were happily running in and out of it I did think that I could make it work. I think that for a few days away I could sleep easily in a four man tent. It was actually surprisingly spacey and also super cosy. The kids dragged their EUROHIKE Kids chairs inside as well as a million toys and loved pretending it was their very own pad. They even got the sleeping bag out and had a little go. And yes part of me wished they would quietly have a little nap but no such luck.

The gear from Millets was all very lightweight and I loved the fact that there were children and adult versions of everything. The animal chairs went down a treat and I know we will be using the adult versions when we go to Camp Bestival this weekend (and yes we are staying in a hotel and yes I am aware this is ludicrous). We didn't quite brave spending the night in the great outdoors but the kids had a fantastic time. I think when we go to festivals in 2017 we may brave camping. And you never know? I may enjoy it. Go and visit Millets online for all your camping bits and bobs.

To watch us failing miserably to put up a tent watch the vlog below!


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  1. LOL - We LOVE camping and have just returned from a fantastic week camping on the shores of Loch Ness. I consider myself a pro, but I don't think I've EVER put up a tent without some sort of argument! I think your holiday hasn't started until you've bickered a bit :D


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