Saturday, 2 July 2016

You've Changed

To my beautiful girl

I will be honest last year, just before you started school, I was worried. And by worried I mean a fine line between acting like a normal human and an insane crazed maniac. I thought you would change. That you would no longer be my baby. I was concerned that school would mould your personality and you would not be the child I once knew. And I was right.

Italy Day...obvs

You have changed. In ways I could only have dreamt of. Sure school has taught you the basics such as how to write. But I didn't know this would mean I would wake up daily to love notes left all over the house. That I would receive cards from you telling me how beautiful I am. Or how you missed me when I was at work. I knew you would learn how to read but I didn't know I would catch you reading to your brother. Or how amazed I would be when you used your phonics to pick which ice cream you wanted when we were on holiday.


You have changed. By showing things about your personality I probably could never have tapped into. You are amazing at sports. You run so fast. You jump so high. Two things that I wouldn't have pushed you to do. At sports day I gasped as I saw a child that I didn't recognise in myself. Competitive, passionate and enthusiastic. Your time at school has also taught you about kindness, sharing, teamwork. Whilst the never ending relentless round of birthday parties has confirmed that you have a far better social life than me it also has shown friendship. The kind of friendship that you have when you're younger. Screaming, shouting and belly laughs from deep within.

School runs with you two loons nearly killed me

There have been tough times of course. Nits, chicken pox, impetigo and an earache which involved me having to pick you up screaming from reception. Sadder that you had to go home for the afternoon rather than the fact that you were in pain. But the tough times have also meant? That I've changed. For the first few months I struggled with the school run. I would wake up in a fit of panic that I wouldn't get everything done. But slowly I have figured a way to get us all there in one piece, with the required £1s for fancy dress, homework and shoes that are half clean (albeit with a baby wipe). I still end up screaming "GET YOUR COAT ON". Just not quite as much.

You. Are. A. Delight.

This year has been a learning curve. For us both. And it's been a pleasure to watch you grow and change into the delightful gorgeous little girl that you've now become. You did change. But the bits I was worried I would lose. Like cuddles and chats about Disney princesses are still there. But with the added extra bonus of so so SO much more.

All my love from your very unsporty Mummy xxx


  1. Aww! This is just lovely! It really made me smile...
    They change so much when starting school...It is fab x

  2. What a lovely post. So good to read! So many mums worry about how starting school will change their children, but it's rarely as bad as they anticipate and this is the proof :)

  3. That's lovely. Nice to celebrate their changes where mostly you read posts that hate the changes.

    I have to say I wish N was more like yours in terms of academic ability It seems he's followed his dad's boredom and disinterest in phonics and writing (I'm hoping it clicks in Year 1), and his sportiness is limited to tennis. He definitely is not taking after my school/sport genes at the moment!

  4. This is lovely Emma.
    My daughter is coming to the end of Year 2 and I almost cried in the park reading her report last night. The side of her personality she shows at school that I don't see was wonderful to read. My son starts school in September and I'm curious how we're all going to find it as I know he is more than ready but I'm concerned he won't find the learning as much fun as his sister.


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