8 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Camp Bestival!

We were recently lucky enough to be invited to visit Camp Bestival which takes place at the start of each August at Lulworth Castle, Dorset. We went for the first time last year as part of the Camp Bestival blogger ambassador scheme and had such an amazing time we jumped at the chance to have another crack at it. And? We managed to have an even better time this year! As we weren't newbies we did things a little bit different so I thought I would impart a bit of knowledge to all those who plan
to attend in 2017...

You Can Still Festival If You Don't Camp
I am not a camper but this doesn't stop me enjoying Camp Bestival. Again we stayed off site in Weymouth. This time choosing a local Premier Inn which was perfectly located by the beach. We visited for the Saturday and Sunday but still felt that we got a pretty amazing festival experience. If you want to stay on site but don't fancy the hassle of unpacking your tent? Then maybe splash out on one of the beautiful TeePees available.

Bring Your Own Everything
Camp Bestival has an amazing selection of food on offer as well as the most delicious frozen cocktails. However if you are there for the full four days it may work out as a little bit expensive. We had a picnic with us both days and filled our little truck full of as many snacks as humanly possible. You are allowed to bring in your own alcohol to the site. As long as it's not OTT or in bottles. So I combined my Daiquiris with the odd gin in a tin brought all the way from Brum.

Sit Down And Enjoy The Show
You can get a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount that is going on in Camp Bestival. We found this year during the day (especially earlier), if we stuck to the smaller stages we got to watch a cracking show. My girl got to sing with Anna and Elsa at the Bollywood Bar and The Blue Coats had me crying with laughter. Watching a show is the ideal time to have a snack and maybe one of those gin in a tins.

If You Can't Stand The Heat
We were really lucky that again the sun shone at Camp Bestival. And when you have two little ones it can all get a bit hot and grumpy. So this year we hid in the very beautiful Lizzie's Way for quite some time. The kids got to pretend to be rock stars, pet a donkey and ran around on the park whilst we cooled off. It's a lovely shaded area and it is quite possible to lose yourself in there for a few hours.

Craft Till Your Hearts Content
Really pay attention to your map and highlight any areas that may occupy your kids for a while. My girl LOVES craft so we did a few sessions including making a wand as well as painting some aliens underpants. She was SO happy. The sessions were free and again were amazing way to keep out of the sun.

Wear What You Want
Camp Bestival is the place to wear whatever the hell you want. Each year they do a theme and this year was no exception with Space. But? If you want to wear a floral headband at 38? Go for it! My girl spent the weekend in fairy wings and my boy? Made a cracking storm trooper. It really is a place to embrace your inner child and go wild with your outfits.

Be Prepared
This year? We came prepared. We bought relatively cheap truck from Aldi and filled it with everything we needed. It held our picnic, booze, blankets and at one point? It even held a sleeping boy. These are a must if you have little ones as it is quite a trek around the grounds but be warned if you are trying to get back to your car or tent at night? You may find yourself struggling through the crowd.

Go With Friends
I was lucky enough to catch up with a few friends over the weekend and it aways makes it a lot more fun. Not only can your kids play together but you get to have a good chat in the sun or dance the evening away to one of the fab acts on. This year? I enjoyed pretending I was a member of Bananarama whilst my children watched on mortified. Fools!

I can't wait to visit Camp Bestival again next year and who knows we may even camp this time? Early bird tickets come out on Monday 8th August and this is a great way to get your ticket and spend the next year planning your adventures! If you want a better look at what happens at Camp Bestival check out a vlog from the day below.

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