Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hanging Out With Zoella At Madame Tussauds

This year I am lucky enough to be working with Merlin Passes as one of their blog ambassadors. We have visited stacks of places from The London Eye to CBeebies Land but one attraction I was a bit reluctant to visit was Madame Tussauds in London. I didn't really think that it would have anything exciting there for me let alone my two small children. How flipping wrong I was! We went during the school holidays and had an amazing time...even if it was the worlds busiest day.

Based not far from Baker Street tube station, it becomes clear when you arrive at Madame Tussauds that having a Merlin Pass is a good option. It means that you can beat the thousands of other tourists visiting and go in a special queue where you can get entry into the attraction quicker. There still was a short wait but not quite as much as the other lines.

I imagine that it depends on the time of year you go but the first few rooms can get quite busy. This is where you will find Kim Kardashian, Russell Brand and the more up to date celebrities. Whilst I only had to queue to get a picture of Kim and Kanye if you have smaller children? It may be an idea to either skip these rooms all together or choose what time you visit very carefully.

What I really loved about Madame Tussauds was that there were a lot of photo opportunities for the children which held their interest whilst I was pretending to kiss Ewan McGregor. You could hang out with Shrek, the Angry Birds and also Tinkerbell. Until arrival I didn't know there was a ride in the attraction as well. You hop into little taxis and enjoy the story of the history of London. Warning it does start off a little bit creepy. But then again that could just be me totally being a wuss.

The highlight of the day was watching my son have his photos taken with the Marvel superheroes. His little face was just classic. The 4D Avengers film is worth the wait but be warned it does get quite busy in there so this may be an ideal time to pull out some drinks and snacks. Afterwards you can choose to leave Madame Tussauds or go and visit the Star Wars exhibition. It really is worth going to see. Especially if your child is obsessed as my boy is. He was so happy hanging out with Yoda and co. It was the first time he actually asked to have photos!

If you are in London and are considering doing a few Merlin Attractions like the Shrek Adventure and the SEALIFE Centre I think that Madame Tussauds is another great one to add to the list. It was perfect for all age ranges and we will definitely visit again but on a quieter day. Either during term time or on a Sunday morning. If you are interested in a family pass then please take a look at Merlin here. If you would like to see Madame Tussauds in action? Then check out our vlog of the day below!


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