Monday, 22 August 2016

How To Dress Like A School Run Mum

It's not that far away from the dreaded return back to school. Those early mornings where you try in vain not to look like a total tramp. I may have known someone who went down in a pyjama top and tracksuit bottoms when she was ill (cough cough me). So for all your new school run Mum's? Here are a few ideas so you look a little bit more boho chic than boho sh*t.

1 - First you need to embrace the stripe. It's a common top around Mums and I now have about 15 of the flipping things. My favourite is red and white stripes. There are a few great ones like these now available in New Look.

2 - Sweatshirts are also great just to throw on. I recently stumbled across Parent Apparel which sell some hilarious ones like this 'School Runnings' sweater which I will be purchasing next pay day.

3 - Denim is a great staple for the school run. You can chase small children in it and it keeps you warm on those cold autumn mornings. New Look as loads of reasonably priced different types of denim skirts, jeggings and pinafore dresses available. Perfect to accompany any striped top. Obvs.

4 - I generally get my woolly hats and scarves from Top Shop. They are really hard wearing which is ideal as you will be wearing it everyday to cover your unwashed hair and hide those bags under your eyes.

5 - A few years ago I brought a Joules Raina raincoat and it is one of the items of clothing that I get the most compliments on my instagram. I luckily bought mine in the sale. They are excellent from shielding you from all the weathers the school run will chuck at you.

6 - Chelsea boots are brilliant for the school run. They pretty much go with everything and this Alexie pair from Top Shop are leather so hopefully should last you through the winter and spring term.

7 - Finally no Autumn wardrobe is complete without the staple of any school Mum run's outfit. White Converse. It's a brilliant idea to keep your eyes peeled for offers on these such as ones available like Kohl's coupons. Converse suit virtually any outfit and you can shove them in the washing machine if you need to. Which you will.

Now go get going and not only buy your little ones their very own brand new school uniform but make sure you feel comfortable you have a whole year of early mornings and crappy weather to contend with. Doom.

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  1. hahaha! I have done the school run a few times in a PJ top especially in the Winter. I have no excuse apart from the fact that I was cosy in
    I have quite a few stripy tops. It really is a mum thing!

  2. Love this! I love the mumcoat by the way :) What kinda outfits do you wear when you teach? Im starting a new job as a TA in sept and havnt a clue what to wear!! X


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