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Our Break On The Isle Of Wight With Away Resorts At Whitecliff Bay

Sometimes when you are a blogger you get offered something to review and you don't really give it much thought. This year we were asked if we would like to go and review Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park on the Isle of Wight. We would be travelling over by ferry and be there for four nights. We said yes and carried on with the busy year. Summer came along and my little boy seemed to find any trips away the ideal opportunity to play up. So we started to think that our Away Resorts break would be a nightmare. But if anything? It turned out to be one of the best holidays we have ever had together as a family. It was glorious.

We travelled over from Portsmouth at 3pm on a Monday afternoon. My two had never been on a ferry so they were super excited. The boat over there had a softplay on it and a Greggs! So that meant both the kids and the husband were happy. I just loved to see England fade away taking my worries about the new school term with it. It then took about half an hour through the beautiful Isle of Wight countryside to get to our destination.

On arrival we got our welcome pack from the friendly reception staff and drove up to our 'Jolly Nice' cabin. What struck us straight away is that we could park right next to it and bring the million bits and bobs in rather than dragging them across the whole of the resort. The cabin had a sun trap of a balcony which was an ideal place to let all your towels dry and enjoy a cheeky gin in a tin whilst the children slept.

The accommodation itself was ideal for a family of four. With a lovely little kitchen, dining area, a giant couch and one of the biggest bathrooms I've been in in a chalet/caravan setting. It didn't have a bath but it did have more than enough room for you to help your little ones shower and dry without too much hassle. Each bedroom had a television which was a game changer for us. Often a night away with small children means you are all confined to one room in the evening whilst you watch My Little Pony. But with three televisions it meant that we could relax watching Big Brother whilst my eldest enjoyed Tiny Pop for half hour before bedtime.

The site had great activities on offer. My five year old attended an Annie Summer Stage School class for two hours each day and loved every second of it. In fact? After they did their final performance on the Thursday evening in front of everyone? We both cried. We took this time to have fun with our son which is something we rarely get to do as a threesome. He loved playing in the outdoor pool, running around on the park and there was also one glorious morning where he napped whilst my husband and I read and took in the beautiful cliff views.

Other activities we enjoyed together as a family were the indoor pool, a lovely soft play area that was nearly always empty and the two parks that were situated on the resort. We spent a few afternoons on the beautiful beach and I even got in the sea which is something that NEVER happens. The weather was gorgeous and it was lovely to be able to just walk down and play in the sand. We also enjoyed a nights entertainment with the most adorable puppet show and a kids disco that involved my son engaging me in a full dance off. Hilarious. Food wise there were a few places to eat on site including a lovely little Beach Cafe to grab a bite if you didn't want to take a picnic with you.

But what we most enjoyed this holiday? Was adventures. As the Isle of Wight is a small island it is possible to get to lots of different places in around half an hour. We spent an evening in Cowes looking at the yachts trying to work out if we could sell our house and move into one ASAP. We also had a lovely day in Sandown which is a proper British seaside resort. My husband and I had breakfast by the sea whilst our boy slept (winning!) and then we took him to the delightful 'Dinosaur Isle'. A museum devoted to all things dinosaur. He loved it.

On our last day at Whitecliff Bay again my daughter and I had a little cry. It was just one of those holidays were everything was lovely. The weather was great, our accommodation suited us and being so close to the sea when we are so far away from the it in Birmingham. Was just magical. We have plans of returning with extended family as soon as possible. It's a resort you will always remember when you're older as a holiday you loved with your Mum and Dad. If you would like to know about any of the Away Resorts holiday destinations please visit their site here.

If you would like to see more I did vlog every day whilst we were there! 
And here is one of my favourites from our time away including a full cabin tour...



  1. Oh Brum! This made me quite emotional. It looks like you had such a lovely time and we'd love to go back too x

  2. This looks so lovely. We have been having UK holidays the past couple of years and the Isle of Wight is on our list of places we would like to visit!

  3. Honestly cannot wait for our holiday there next year! Loved seeing your pictures and it is one of the many places in the UK I haven't been to yet. Thanks for sharing Em, love seeing all your posts on Insta, they always brighten my day :) and we always have a nose in the estate agents window when on our holiday, the midlands is just too far away from the coast for me too xx


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