Sunday, 7 August 2016

There's Nothing Like A Babies Smile

This is an advertorial brought to you by C&G Baby Club...When you're a new Mum it is pretty exhausting. OK scrap that. When you are a new Mum it is TOTALLY exhausting. There are late nights, early mornings, disturbed sleep, loads of washing and those times where are a little bit angry with your other half. But all those tiring moments fade away when you see one thing. Your babies smile. There is nothing more satisfying in seeing that baby grin, hearing that adorable tiny tot chuckle and knowing that you are totally making them happy. It proves you are rocking Motherhood.

When I had my two I loved to find new ways of making them smile. Sure you could do the bog standard kiss and a cuddle but my girl loved me singing into a giant plastic microphone and my boy? Loved me singing Wilson Phillips 'Hold On For One More Day'. I still remember each morning I would pop him the buggy, or baby bouncer, and rock him whilst singing it at the top of my lungs. He flipping loved it. Even now when he's fallen over or is feeling a bit fed up I love to sing it. Sometimes in public. Really loudly. I bet he won't like that when's 16.

I think me being silly filled my two with such joy because that is when I am at my most happiest. I'm never going to be a Mum that makes them smile with some amazing crafts I've produced with them and I certainly won't make them smile with a giant homemade rainbow birthday cake. But I have other talents. I can be dead, dead daft. My girl would lie smiling on the baby mat whilst I would do a full dance routine for her whilst singing a bit of 'Proud Mary'. My boy would howl with laughter when he was sat on my lap and I would do some cracking voices reading him a story.

Of course we can't forget the little things that other family members did to make them smile. My Dad enjoys a good raspberry sound and my Mum love speaking to them in a silly baby voice. My husband? Used to come in and go all Gruffalo. Which you would think would scare them but had quite the opposite effect.

C&G Baby Club are currently running the Sound of Happy campaign where they would like know what makes your baby happy. If you are on twitter you can tweet what sounds you make to get your tots to smile by using #SoundofHappy or I would love you to leave them in the comments. Are you daft like me or do you have a beautiful voice that drifts them off to sleep with a grin? I can promise you NO-ONE was going to sleep when I was screeching a bit of Wilson Phillips. But I got that all important toothless smile which in turn made me the happiest Mum around.

This is an advertorial brought to you by C&G Baby Club.

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