Why Travelling By Train Trumps Travelling By Car

My little family and I love adventures. But sadly as my husband is not a teacher he doesn't get as much time off as I do with the little ones. Which means a lot of the time our adventures are confined to the Midlands. Driving much further than an hour in a car results in rowing, boredom and me shouting "STOP FIGHTING NOW!" on repeat. Which is something I cannot deal with alone. So when Virgin Trains offered us the opportunity to travel down to London with their Family Ticket I jumped at the chance. It meant that we could escape from Birmingham for the day and have some non brummie fun!

The first benefit of travelling by Virgin Train is that my kids? LOVE TRAINS! They just find it so exciting. It's not something they often experience so they were full of beans before we had even left the station. We got a table seat and I sat next to my Mum who had come along for the ride. My two sat together and rather than me having to scream approximately every five minutes at them? They got on surprisingly nicely.

The table meant that they got to do some of the activities they love. Such as colouring or playing games on their tablet. Several of the Virgin Trains also have a new BEAM app which means you can watch films on board which would be great to waste an hour or so. Mum and I got to catch up on the family gossip and we also had a good giggle at the children swapping snacks. I prepared some to take with us in their individual rucksacks so they tucked in whilst I had a nice cup of tea. Bliss.

The main benefit of train travel for me was that we could go to the toilet. ANY TIME WE WANTED! Which is a marvel as small toddler boys seem to want to go all the time. Rather than having to stop continuously, we got to pop to the toilet whenever we wanted without the fear of them having an accident in the middle of the motorway. Such luxury. The train ended in Euston which is such a great final destination as it has amazing access to the whole of the capital city. We didn't need to worry about parking or driving through the city to get to our chosen attraction, which was Madame Tussauds. We arrived in London not needing a wee, our bellies full and pretty happy human beings. Which was a revelation!

It was brilliant to spend the day with family. My sister has lived in London for nearly two decades so it's great for the kids to have some fun with their Auntie. We had not visited Madame Tussauds before and I will be honest? It was FAR better than I thought it was going to be. We had such a laugh. First we popped for lunch in a pub close by and then we spent the next few hours roaming around having selfies with as many celebrities as humanly possible. I was excited about Kim Kardashian whilst my boy? Couldn't have been happier to have been near the Marvel Avengers.

It was brilliant to not have to worry too much about the time as with the Family Ticket it is an open return, so we just played it by ear. We jumped on a train at 5pm and managed to get two double seats together. We grabbed some picnic food and tucked into it arriving back in Grand Central around 6:30pm. We even had enough energy to have a little look around the shops. We were back home in time for bath time. Perfect. Overall a Virgin Train ride is a far calmer way to have an adventure with your family and I can't wait for us all to jump on one again soon!

To see what happened on our day out? Check out the vlog below!

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