Normal Woman Wins By Doing Normal Things Shocker!

Sometimes when you are a blogger you are asked by other people what your USP is. What's your Unique Selling Point? What makes you stand out above anybody else? If you were in a lift and had to sell your ideas to some hotshot business man (as they all hang around in lifts being incredibly busy obviously) how would you pitch it? Mine would be 'normal woman does normal things'. Mmmmm right OK. That sounds a bit crap written down doesn't it? It's certainly doesn't scream "WATCH ME" but this weekend? I kinda proved it does.

Looking glam and a winner!

On Friday evening I was awarded two awards at the MADS. Which is the parenting blogging communities biggest awards. I not only got 'Best Video' but also 'Blog Of The Year'. Me. BLOG OF THE YEAR. The person who writes about her children having tantrums, how her husband irritates her sometimes and takes far to many selfies of herself with a gin in a tin in her dressing gown. Pretty normal stuff. I film weekend vlogs of me hitting the softplay with my children or crap I've brought that I didn't need. And I got two awards for just being "me".

Sometimes we forget that just being ourselves is good enough. I spent a lot of my 20's wanting to be sophisticated and glamorous in trendy bars but generally was found dancing to A-ha in Reflex supping WKD and falling over. My 30's have been spent discovering I am the worlds worst pregnant woman and try as I might? Baby clubs, baking and doing crafts with my children is not my thing. So when I started my blog I decided from the outset to just be myself. Just me. Shouting into a black void hoping that someone else would feel the same and shout back at me. In a non aggressive way of course.

Looking more like me and a winner!

And you know what? There are a hell of a lot of 'normal' people out there. Did you know that most kids have tantrums? Or that quite often a lot of us watch TV ignoring our husbands on a Friday night? And that it is perfectly fine to be a size 16 and wear clothes from supermarkets? The majority of the female population is not like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift. But sometimes in the media it feels that the only people represented are the extraordinary rather than the ordinary. And don't get me wrong I LOVE Beyoncé. She is clearly not normal and we need that to keep life interesting.

Arty award shot. Oh fancy!

But for every one Beyoncé there are a million 'Emma's' (I think I may have just compared myself to Beyoncé  but f*ck it I'm award wining this weekend). Both types of women are different but BOTH types of women are equally valuable. So if you are extraordinary or ordinary? Just be you. The best you you can be. My best you is a slightly chubby, approaching 40 mother and teacher. Who can laugh at herself and hopefully make a few other people laugh along the way. And this weekend proves? I am 100% successful at this #winning

And now for the diva thanks....
Thanks to Tots100 and the Mad Blog Awards for an evening I will NEVER forget.
Thanks to my kids for providing me with the best content and being so hilarious.
Thanks to my husband for letting me take photos whilst he sits there bored.
Thanks to my lovely Mum and Dad for being my lovely Mum and Dad.
Thanks to all my lovely new blogging friends. You beauts.
Thanks to all my non blogging friends for listening whilst I nause on about my blog.
Thanks to every single reader who laughs at a post, watches my videos, sends me DMs to tell me their stories and for generally making me feel that being normal rocks. Love you!

Watch my speech and me generally be insane with excitement! 
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