Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Best Time With Batman

I have a confession to make. I am a 38 year old woman obsessed with superheroes. I would like to say it is because I have a three year old boy. But no the obsession has long lived inside me. My husband and I even named one of our wedding tables after the X-Men. In fact I use my son as a bit of a scapegoat so I get to play with tiny figures and shout "I'M BATMAN" in a comedy deep voice. So when Fisher-Price got in touch seeing if I, sorry I mean my boy, wanted to review the Imaginext Super-Flight Gotham City set? I said "YES" in a comedy deep voice.

Firstly, when it arrived my boy's head nearly exploded as he had never ever seen anything this exciting in his life. Not only does it come complete with a Batman and The Joker figurine, it also contains a flight pad to make him actually fly and 'pies' that can be fired across the living room. When we opened up the set my son was more than happy just to play along with the toys as they were. There was lots of mock fighting. Lots of zooming things around and lots of things being flung. And that was just me.

But the Imaginnext Super-Flight Gotham City set is another level kind of superhero fun. The Power Pad works as a remote and means that Batman can fly. You can load him onto the flight pack and he can turn 360 degrees looking for that tricksome Joker. This can be done slowly or fast depending on how your child turns it. Obviously my boy decided fast was the way to go. Alongside this if you turn the second power pad a Bat Signal lights up as the projectiles (the pies) are thrown. Flipping amazing.

This toy is ideal for any child (or grown up woman) who is looking to have a bit of superhero fun. I will say that the packaging is quite hard to get out and organise so it may be a toy that you want to set up already for your child. Rather than having a small human scream until you get it all sorted. I also needed the other half on hand to work out how to do all the cool flying and light up things as I'm a bit rubbish with technology.

There are other superhero and villains available to buy in the range so it is possible to use with lots of little figures which my son adored. There was one point where everyone was sent to jail and I've never seen him so happy. It would make a wonderful birthday present or something to play with on Christmas morning. The Joker has also been in the bath with my boy and I know that Batman has enjoyed a tour of the garden. The Imaginext Super-Flight Gotham City is a brilliant Batman Playset and I am sure that I, sorry I mean my son, will get a lot of use out of it in the coming months.


  1. Looks so cool. My boy would love this. He is obsessed with superheroes, and Batman is his favourite. x

  2. Claire Elizabeth Noke24 September 2016 at 23:26

    We've bought this for our little boy for christmas ! :) Thanks for the review .... it looked awesome ... and you've made it sound awesome... really looking forward to giving it to him now! :) xx

  3. Nice one., B would love this. Who doesn't love playtime with Batman.Great review as always. And that smiling boy of yours is adorable!


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