Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wicked Wednesdays 14th September

Hello and welcome to this weeks Wicked Wednesdays! As I am sat here typing this I have a poorly girl home from school whose first tooth dropped out and a boy who is at pre-school and cried all the way there. So things are fraught people. THINGS ARE FRAUGHT! I hope that your return to school has been far nicer than mine. Hopefully next week will sort itself out and calm down a bit.

Thanks so much for linking up to Wicked Wednesdays last week! The linky is slowing down a bit and I have considered taking it just to Facebook. If you hear of any new bloggers looking for a fun and easy way to get content on their blog shove them in the direction of this linky! I do LOVE Wicked Wednesdays so much but it may be a bit counter productive if a few more people don't join in. My favourites from last week were an accident from Inside Martyns Thoughts, let's flood the bathroom from Don't Drop The Baby Blog and childproofing the kitchen from New Mummy Blog. Now go forth, link up and comment lots!

Linky Rules
  • Firstly. Please add my special badge of my daughter weeping when I said she looked like Pat Butcher.
  • The linky requires no words. We've not got the time really have we? But feel free to write a few lines if you wish. I think no words is sometimes even funnier. We can make our own stories up then!
  • It will run from Wednesday early morning till Friday late evening. But feel free to link up any old photos from other weeks. One per person.
  • I will comment on each one and if you include my twitter handle (follow me here) and #wickedwednesdays I will share your comedy picture. 
  • Try and comment on as many as you can, let's say two would be a good minimum. But the more you comment on? The more will comment back. FACT.
  • If you also hashtag your piccy #wickedwednesday on Instagram (follow me here) I will regram a few favourites each week with your handle and hopefully you will get some new followers.
  • That's it! It's just a bit of a giggle really. Enjoy!



  1. Ahh - sad that not more folks are linking in! Love to see it on Facebook though! I get people stop me now saying 'ooh it's Wednesday' can't wait to see your Wicked Wednesday! Hope your return to school improves, ours has involved a tonsillitis, a trip to A&E, crutches and headlice! Things can only get better!! I hope!! xx

  2. When you need to sleep 😉 X #wickedWednesdays

  3. Aww! I hope your girl feels better soon.
    I haven't linked up as much as I have in the past because of the summer holidays and we've had a lot going on. Maybe others are the same....
    hahaha! My youngest always used to fall asleep just before I had to get my eldest from school. Nightmare x

  4. Thanks for mentioning me from last week!! Oh no, a nap at 4.30pm is hell on earth...hope you woke him up! I love this weekly linky :-) #WickedWednesdays

  5. Ah noo! We had a 5pm danger nap at the weekend, nightmare!! Thanks for hosting x

  6. That's the nap where I go, 'Noooooooo, not now, that's my gin-fuelled evening f*cked because you're going to be awake until 9pm!' 😩😂xx


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