Saturday, 22 October 2016

Snazaroo Helps Useless Mums SMASH Halloween!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am not the most crafty of mothers. In fact? I can hand on heart say that the many times I have tried to do anything artistic I have failed miserably. Generally outfits for Halloween are bought from the shops in a last minute panic. So when Snazaroo got in touch asking me to create a couple of face painting tutorials for YouTube I replied "are you sure?". They said "yes". I replied again "are you sure you're sure?". And it appears they were...

halloween facepaint

So I went to work on filming two simple YouTube tutorials using their Halloween face painting kits. I sat down with my girl and decided which looks she wanted to go for. After I managed to persuade her not to have an intricate spider web across her face, we opted for a Vampiress and a Pumpkin. The great thing about the Snazaroo kits is that they include everything to help you with painting your little ones face. A brush, a sponge, a place to pop the water and even a simple booklet that shows you how to do it in three easy steps. And believe you me I'm the kind of Mum that needs all the guidance she can get.

The Vampiress look was simple enough. Using the sponge to create a white face, then red paint to add on blood, followed by the black to create comedy eyebrows and those all important teeth. I loved the teeth being drawn on as we all remember those dreadful plastic ones we used to wear when we were kids. I was a bit nervous about the Pumpkin face but it was easily done by drawing an orange mask, followed by using black to draw the ridges and a cute little triangle nose. Lastly I added on a stem with the green. Even I was a bit impressed!

tutorial snazaroo

To see in a little more detail how I created the looks watch my tutorials below. If I can do it and achieve two 'slight better than average' faces? Then imagine what you can do if you have a tiny bit of talent. They would be amazing! Thanks to Snazaroo for providing the face painting kits and I hope that I made you that little bit proud. I would love to see your Snazeroo creations over Halloween so tag me in on Twitter and Instagram using #Snazoween. I won't be too cross if you do better than me. Well maybe a little bit.

This post was written in collaboration with Snazeroo

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